Castle Season Finale Clip: A Personal Confrontation

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Things get personal between Castle and Beckett on Monday night.

In the following clip, the former confronts the latter over getting in too deep while investigating her mother's murder. After all, Castle reminds his partner, everyone associated with that case in dead.

But the conversation turns from there, as the question of just what, exactly, these two are to one another comes out. How will this all lead to the demise of a character? We'll have to tune in and find out...

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surely not!!!! kill Beckett??!?? one of the two best shows on tv and you kill the star?? surely not!!


Wow! if this was only a clip i caouldn't imagine how the whole episode will be... castle is right and i love the way he confronts beckett, he's only worried about her, he tries to protect her. i was surprise because he usually walks away when the things with beckett turns so personal but this time was different, he really feels like he had to said it. and yes, this two have to talk urgently about some serious things... can't wait to see the episode!

Sue ann

I liked the way Castle stuck his chin out and decided to go for it, no matter what. Usually when she pushes him that far, he backs off and shuts up. This time, he didn't. This show often reminds me of the great films of the 1930's, most of which seemed to feature William Powell. Smart, well-acted, well-written character-driven scripts. This show just keeps getting better every season. @ Rick Scheuer -- I would like to discuss the apparent fad this season for killing off major characters in television shows. I watch few of them; of the ones I watch, Bones, NCIS, and Castle all have killed or plan to kill off an important character this week, next week, or both weeks. I gather that a whole lot of the dramas which I do not watch are planning to do the same, based on what I see of the reviews and spoilers here on this web page. What is up with this monkey-see-monkey-do school of television writing? There are other ways to create change in a television series without killing someone. For instance, Castle is going to change if and when Alexis goes to Stanford early. Bones is going to change when Hodgins and Angela have that baby. NCIS changed a bit when Ducky's mother died a natural death of old age, and changed when Gerald was shot by Ari, and had to have physical therapy. Violent death is NOT the only way to create change. I know I am revealing my ignorance, but what is a Buddy/UST show?


This is when she tells him that "we're through." If this scene is any indication of how well written the rest of the episode is, then Castle will firmly depart from the 'dramady' genre of crime solving and into a place very few of these Buddy/UST shows gets - into something a lot more real. That's great, IMHO. Andrew Marlowe knows he struck gold when he cast Katic opposite Nathan Fillion, got luckier still as his co-stars jelled too, lifting the stakes and allowing for them to go in directions they didn't realize at the time. As much as I like these two together, I also found myself really enjoying the tension in this clip. Kate's anger, Castle's obvious love and concern - and yes an anger to match hers. Only two actors who really trust each other and know each other can get to that place where the viewer can feel his skin tingle - especially at the end of a grueling season. Can't WAIT for Monday.

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Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I would walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.