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The only negative thing I'll say about this episode is that I'm really getting sick of the Pierce is in the study group "yea or nay" story plot. I thought we were generally over that after the hospital ep.

That said, holy slo-mo paintballs that was fun. I never thought anything would ever top the original paintball episode, but "A Fistful of Paintballs" did so in spades (and aces, and clubs, and hearts).

Pierce Plays Paintball

From Fort Hawthorne and Vicky's dancing for Twinkies, to Chang's quest for an alliance (and attempted death by cheerleading squad), to Jeff's insecurity over the handsomeness of the Dark Rider (guest star Josh Holloway) every moment was pure exhilaration.

Even the title sequence trumped the one for Dungeons and Dragons, merging the spirit of a western with the insane asylum mood of Community.

Despite my earlier complaint about Pierce, it was hilariously appropriate that Pierce put a bounty on Jeff's head (that's at least the second reference to Jeff's forehead this year, by the way) considering the oil and water nature of their relationship.

I loved the framed titles given to each of the characters and how they matched the card each had played in the flashback vote on whether or not to kick Pierce out of the group. It occurred to me, though, when they showed Jeff's title card that the way Joel McHale's face crinkles up when he smiles tells me the dude is gonna look like a city map when he ages. But I digress.

Everyone, (including Shirley!) was in on the fun, but Annie was truly the show stopper. Alison Brie grabbed this episode by the nape of the neck and slung it over her shoulder like a sleek leather jacket. My goodness the girl plays sexy badass better than you'd ever expect. That opening segment of her dropping from the ceiling in the shadows left my mouth agape.

The best part about the episode, though? It's a two parter! Can't wait for the continuation of the paintball saga next week to see who is left standing at the end.

What did you enjoy most about the episode? Let us know in the comments below and check out some of the episode's best Community quotes as well!


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@Steve Prohut, I agree with you 100%. MAH's character "Mike" helped to make the Xmas episode from season 1 one of the very best! Hope to see him again roaming the Greendale halls soon! "that's at least the second reference to Jeff's forehead this year, by the way"... I'm pretty sure Britta has made a few references to Jeff's forehead and "Keebler nose" in past episodes. Abed: Seeing as how I'm... eating your beans. Did anyone notice when the group was responding to Pierce's questioning of him being a villain Abed recalled "You raped the Dukane family". Pierce was at his worst during that episode (AD&D)


Can't wait for this Thursday. And how has no one bothered to mention the return of Anthony Michael Hall as the bully character, making his entrance by trying to assassinate Fat Neil?


Although not one of the funnier episodes, the spaghetti Western theme was so cool. It was fun to see Annie so kick-ass, using the idea of 'girls-with-guns are sexy-awesome' to keep us interested in her episode storyline. I was glad to see that the writers kept her in character when she still cared enough to keep Pierce in the study group during the card draw flashback. The Jeff / Black Rider dynamic was a humorous play on Jeff's usual insecurities. The rest of the gang had nice little tid-bits as well, and it's always good to see so many of the recurring characters sprinkled throughout. During the end credits, did anyone notice that the person speaking into the Greendale Community College P.A. system mic may be Spreck - who we all know is Dean Pelton's arch enemy dean from City College? I guess he's in cahoots with Pistol Patty or may even be Pistol Patty inside the costume. I can't wait for the conclusion! The 'trailer' makes it seem like the action will be ratcheted up a notch. Or is that end credits sequence itself supposed to be a quick and low-budget spoof on action movie trailers? Hmmm... :)


Annie says "lame," not "I am.".


well. that was terrible. Teach me to type while playing BioShock. Not what he says, her answer. It doesn't make any sense. She says "I am" to his sentence.


To Kirkpatrick. Not what he says, he answer. It makes not sense. "I am."


Wanted: Gay and Alive lol


@Piecar It meant he wasn't there to chat (shoot the breeze) he was there to shoot paintballs.


And how about this exchange in dialogue? I'm confused. Annie: Do you even go to school here? "Lost" guy collecting a paycheck: Sorry, I'm paid to shoot paintballs, honey - not the breeze. Annie: I am. What the hell does that mean?


Hey, I just watched the ep again in an effort to get on the bandwagon...(no go) But I noticed that After they leave Fort Hawthorne the first time,Jeff's left holster gun is missing, yet he has it after the cheerleaders die. Maybe those scenes were supposed to come in a different order. I assume the show went through extensive editing and re-editing as it was so anticipated by all. I wonder what the real story was like.

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