Criminal Minds Castng Update: Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook In, Rachel Nichols Out

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Give Criminal Minds credit for admitting its mistakes.

Months after the show angered fans by bidding farewell to serious regular A.J. Cook, the CBS drama brought her back for the season finale and has now confirmed that the character of J.J. is back for good.

Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds

Meanwhile, the network has exercised an option on Paget Brewster (right, above), ensuring the presence of Emily Prentiss for the entire 2011-2012 season.

Deadline Hollywood reports the same can't be said for Rachel Nichols, however. Brought in largely to fill the female void left by Cook's departure, Nichols will not return this fall to the show.

So, all is right again in the Criminal Minds, right? Not yet. Star Thomas Gibson has not signed a new deal yet.


I feel bad for Rachel Nichols and I liked her character. But, I don't want the show canned, because I don't want the other actors to lose their jobs when they've done nothing wrong. They've been nothing but supportive. While it's sad and would have been great to have four women in the cast, I don't want to punish the actors and writers who haven't done anything wrong. Also, they really need to get a deal with Thomas Gibson. And if they do, I can't picture the show, which has always presented the team as family, having the rest of them never trusting Hotch and JJ again. The family is back together and permanently in a state of animosity? Then, what's the point? I suspect that obviously Prentiss' experiences will affect her. And, I suspect there will be some initial hurt and anger from the others. But, also, that things will work out. Because when you get right down to it, they'd have to know that the secret wasn't kept out of malice, but to protect Prentiss. And, given the choice, every last one of them would have done the same thing. At worst, the trust may have to be rebuilt, but it will. Also, there's no need or reason to kill Seaver off. Or have JJ or Hotch tell her to go. First, why is JJ even a part of this? JJ doesn't have any say in who gets hired or fired. It would be much better (and not make anyone look petty or mean) if Seaver's departure and Prentiss' return are not connected within the show. How about Seaver just decides of her own free will that it's time to go? That she's had an experience most people don't get, but for a permanent position in the BAU, it would probably be helpful to spend time in a regular field office and rise through the ranks like most people, with just a few months of bonus experience. Take care of that first. Then Ian Doyle dies. (He has to die before Prentiss comes out of hiding. As long as he's alive, Prentiss life is in danger unless she pretends to be dead) Probably killed by Clyde Easter. The team finds out, JJ tells Prentiss the good news, Prentiss comes back and the team begins the ultimately successful process of rebuilding itself.


yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss best television news i've heard all year. i am so excited.. now i can watch the show again. i miss it so much, im so happpppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy woahhhhhh this awesome


Now the same question people had for AJ should go for Emily does she go back to being what she was or does these change her some will the team Trust Hotch and JJ ever again?


I feel really bad for Rachel Nichols, but i am so glad Paget and A.J are coming back, brillant characters and they shouldn't have left in the first place.


one of the worst decisions by a network. They truly suck. Rachel was great on the sahow and to treat her like this is just uncalled for i hope CM gets canned soon


Ok here how I would do it to bring Emily Prentiss and say goodbye to Rachel Nichols character Rachel Nichols- I would have her character take that offer that was given to them at the end of these past season that if they wanted to leave they could my reason for her leaving would be that between the season end and now she find something out that made her leave the BAU like Finding out Emily alive so JJ and Hotch tell her to leave. Emily Prentiss- They should bring her back by the 3rd eposide, they should ask the red cell team. to help them find her because Ian Doyle has found Emily and what to kill her friends before he kill her, I have have Ian Doyle kill some of the red cell team and then finally be taken down by Emily and the whole BAU. then for next year season finale Rachel Nichols character would be found dead in her hometown by a Unsub using her Farther Mo then it come out that she has a brother and that her real mother was Stross

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