Criminal Minds Review: "Big Sea"

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This week's Criminal Minds featured the discovery of bodies at the bottom of the great "Big Sea," with one set of remains potentially hitting close to home for Morgan.

When Morgan's aunt believed that her daughter (therefore Morgan's cousin) may be among the victims, the case obviously took on new meaning for the BAU member.

Shemar Moore delivered a typically strong performance in a typically strong episode of the CBS procedural that conjured up vivid images of Season 2 of Dexter.

In this case, though, the mass murderer was much less charming.

Morgan on the Hunt

Based on the watery graveyard's location, the team assumes the UnSub could be local, and based on some of the skeletal discoveries, may even be a fisherman.

Rather than becoming emboldened and pushing the envelope with each kill, Reid believes the assailant is actually targeting lower-risk victims as he progresses.

After a fun exchange with Reid about how long it will take to reconstruct the first victims, Hotch speaks to the press, asking for help identifying missing persons.

Morgan's aunt is one such person with a missing loved one.

You had the sense early that Morgan wasn't telling Yvonne the whole story. Rossi tells Seaver that Morgan's cousin escaped a stalker and was never heard from.

Hotch believes that based on the remains, there is an overkill aspect to one of the early murders, stemming from a troubled personal relationship or several.

Clearly whoever's doing this is one sadistic individual, as evidenced by the chilling shot of the powder blown into the victim's face until his struggling ceases.

Reid discovers a substance that can be used to control someone when taken in high enough quantities, while we see more evidence of the UnSub at "work."

Meanwhile, we get a little back story on Morgan's family and it doesn't look good for Cindy, as the victims are all trying to start over, looking for a fresh start.

On the UnSub's boat, Gary tries to escape, but fails. When his body turns up, the team notes his ability to overcome the drug - and that his son is out there.

The UnSub still has James under his control. Then the breakthrough on Cindy. Yvonne remembers that she flew as an unaccompanied minor back in the day.

They've finally got their man in Blake Wells, who nabs his victims in transit. Just as Blake tells James about his father's abuse, Morgan arrives on the scene.

Somehow, Morgan is able to talk him into dropping the knife, but the most powerful scene of the entire episode came during Wells' subsequent interrogation.

When Morgan shows him Cindy's picture, the UnSub senses vulnerability and claims she cried for Morgan before her throat was sliced. Morgan knows that's a lie.

The killer didn't know Cindy's name, but he knew those of the other victims. But Morgan lies to his aunt to give her closure. A difficult decision - but the right one?

Next week, on the sixth season finale, the bodies of two missing people are found in a car trunk, and the BAU suspects an interstate human trafficking ring is at work.

Also, Hotch warns the team of possible changes, and they are surprised when a beloved team member returns for good - none other than A.J. Cook as the beloved J.J.


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There is a drug called scapolamine which is the same as what they mentioned in the show, it is found from seeds of a tree commonly found in brazil


@doug the drug they use in it is called trilimide, I may have spelled that wrong but that's how it sounds...hope that helps


I am writing a novel about a serial killer that eventually will become the most prolific most wanted sk ever. There are many ways in which he kills and I have a scenario where I would like to introduce the powder used in this show. Is there even such a powder. Would love to know?


I absolutely love this show. Can't wait for JJ to come back. The new girl to replace Emily just doesn't jell with the cast. I hope at some time Em will come back. Please don't let Rossi go. He is a great addition to the cast. One of the best crime shows on Tv next to NCIS


The new Girl is great but since she white and good looking people hate her so she might go I could see Rossi leaving maybe they will bring back the Team from season 1


The new girl just doesn't have it. I do have an idea. Let her be the unsub in one of the episodes and she can go off the show. I really love the show but getting rid of Emily and JJ really messed it up. You need to bring these characters back because no one can take the place of any of them. Keep Rossi too. I watch reruns over and over, thats how much I love the show and the viewers are the ones that count!!


Shemar Moore is 2 HOTT!! *sizzle*

Sue ann

@ cortneyrainey -- Morgan told his aunt that the serial killer had picked her daughter's picture out. This was a lie. He had not recognized her, although he tried to fool Morgan into believing that he did. Morgan knew better. Morgan lied to his aunt to give her some closure so that she could go on with her life; they had established early in the episode that his aunt was slowly dying from not knowing what happened to her child.


how exactly did he lie to her? i didn't quite understand what he said and now i am confused! LOL.


it was a good episode last night. I hope Rossi don't leave I know JJ be back but its not the same without Emily and if Rossi leaves we have to get a new guy and get used to I know Rossi replace Giddon and we got lucky I don't think we can get luck twice

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