CSI: NY Review: "Life Sentence"

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Wrapping up last week's plot centering on Mac and his former partner Bill Hunt, "Life Sentence" proceeded at a solid though hardly suspenseful pace.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this story, but the ending was inevitable once things began to progress. Bill Hunt ended up being a dirty cop, and the ex-con seeking revenge met a predictable end.

Peter Fonda on CSI: NY

Mac, as I have pointed out before, isn't the sort of guy to get riled up very often. He takes his stance on the law very seriously, so it was a beautiful moment when he punched Bill Hunt in the face after realizing what his ex-partner had done.

Peter Fonda remained stellar in his role as Bill Hunt. He played the shifting lines of his character's sense morality well, and while little sympathy could be given to Hunt for his actions Fonda managed to wheedle some out of me.

The lab being shot to pieces was in the previews, but I was surprised that it occurred at the very beginning of the episode. It seemed like something that might get saved for the end.

Mac's heroism as a responsible leader was highlighted when he rushed to cover Lindsay. In turn Lindsay's enthusiasm for her work shined through when she was so ready to start processing the lab as a crime scene after being shot at.

As the episode's villain Raymond Harris was unique. He was bold, as evidenced by his audacity to walk into the police precinct to lodge a complaint against Bill Hunt. Harris also proved to be completely sadistic in his quest for revenge. He took a page right out of the movie Seven in his handling of the drug dealer he thought had killed his wife. I was surprised that scene made it onto televsion, though I suppose it wasn't as gruesome as the movie it was lifted from, and, at this point, there's definitely been more horrific crime scenes on the show.

I'm a little torn about the blatant copying of that scene. It worked for purposes this episode, but it made me wonder why something more creative couldn't have been utilized. Were the writers just out of ideas or were they making an actual homage?

I was certain that the I.A. officer who interviewed Mac and Danny after they had shot the man living in Harris' old apartment was going to feature further in the episode. Then she didn't, and I was left pondering the almost sinister vibe the character left me with. Perhaps I was over analyzing her appearance, or maybe she'll show up in the season finale.

Overall it was a good case, and it certainly is something that's going to stay with Mac for a long time. The look exchanged between Mac and Flack towards the end left me wondering what's in store for next week. There's a definite hint of an ending coming, but I really hope it's not true.


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I just Read CSI NY has been picked up for season 8 that is great news I'M glad I was wrong and that it will be on next season.


I hope CSI NY is not ending. This is THE BEST CSI of all 3. The cast is fantastic, even Sela Ward will be an asset to the show. It's more real than any of them. All the characters are believable and they are into their parts. Love this show. Loved this episode. Please don't let CSI NY be coming to an end.


yeah I know its the spin off from both CSI and CSI Miami I was just saying that its better the the Original CSI


CSI NY is the most recent spin off


has CSI NY been cancelled if so that's sad it a good show. they should have kept it on Wednesday's


I have a feeling next week is the seris finale and its sad because its Better then CSI.


There is a blatant plot hole at the end of the episode: how in the name of sanity did Raymond Harris locate Mac's vehicle in order to have the nasty crash and epic showdown? I mean, it's not as if New York is just some tiny little hamlet somewhere. This is the Big Apple, for pete's sake. Harris doesn't have magic cell phone tracking software at his disposal.


So, I am now thoroughly convinced that the actors, writers, and network are ready to see this show end... It just seems like a few of Sinise's tweets after production ended, Pam Vassey's comment about having a suitable ending in case it didn't get renewed, and just the overall hints that we've been given these past three or four episodes really seal the deal. I honestly thought that this season would be the last for two reasons.... Melina Kanakaredes' departure, and the mice to the Friday night kill spot. It is sad to see this series go, especially since it (in my opinion) is WAY better than the original, and is the most recent of the CSI spin offs.

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CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Bill Hunt: Not a day went by that I didn't think of turning myself in.
Mac: But you didn't
Bill Hunt: It wouldn't have made a difference.
Mac: It would have to me.

You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.