Desperate Housewives Season Finale Sneak Peeks: "Come On Over for Dinner"

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Desperate Housewives wraps up season seven with a two-hour finale on Sunday night.

Split into a pair of episode ("And Lots of Security..."/"Come on Over for Dinner"), the evening's storylines will include:

  • A shocking murder.
  • The reveal of Gaby's stalker.
  • A vacation for Lynette and Tom.
  • Suspicions over Bree's new boyfriend's sexuality.
  • Bad news for Renee.

For more of a tease, check out the following two clips from the finale:

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What's with Carlos saying "I would have shot him like a dog"? I hope PETA/SPCA and all other animal welfare orgs demand an apology and donation and endorsement.


its not susan who dies.. anyways, i love these sneak peeks so much.. these 2 r my faves though: 1) Bree&chuck with the dinner party
Bree: "... my entree was smoking"
Karen McClusky: "I bet it was!" LMFAOO!!!
Mike: "Should i offer to loan him (chuck) a shirt?"
Lee: "Don't you dare!!!" lol @) the convo between gaby and bree..
Bree: "Gaby what are you doing here"... blah blah blah
Gaby: "I need a gun"
Bree: "Well I guess I can spare a moment" hahaha
Bree: "Gaby, I'm not giving you a gun"
Gaby: "Why not? I always let you borrow things all the time" (In an angry child tone-- so cute & funny) haha
Bree: "I will set you up in a class for gun training.. you'll get your permit and then we'll see about getting you a gun"
Gaby: "Great! So, in the mean time when skulky (?) guy breaks into my house, I'm just going to yell FREEZE!! I'M TAKING A CLASS" LMFAO!!! i love gaby!! yeah call me crazy, i wrote down the convo because i love these 2 scenes so much! hahah


The five spoilers are for the five housewives; I'm guessing the "shocking murder" will be related to Susan, then. I don't think Susan is going to be killed off though - maybe Felicia, Paul, Mike or MJ (?!)

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