Glee Season Finale Review: Off to New York

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Nationals finally arrived, along the season finale of Glee, this week.

With "New York" as host to The New Directions and the other 49 top show choirs in the nation, the Naked Cowboy may have been looking for ear plugs as the group broke out its rendition of "New York, New York" in Times Square. And were we really to believe that Rachel didn't know "Cats" was no longer running? Tough start to the season's final episode, but it turned out to be a stumble and not a fall. 


Despite a few unrealistic moments, even by Glee standards, I thought it was a good finale. It didn't leave me with chills, or tears in my eyes, but it definitely had me chomping at the bit for next season.

The original songs didn't live up to the high standards set by "Get It Right" and "Loser Like Me," but that was strategic. The songs were mediocre and that was why they weren't in the top 10 (note to the Directions: don't wait until the day before to prepare your Nationals routine, okay?)

The writers did the storyline justice. The club got a taste of Nationals, but still failed to reach the ultimate goal. Next year with Blaine on their roster, they are a, dare I say, Schue-in? 

I felt the writers put too much emphasis on the kiss between Finn and Rachel being the scapegoat. I was shocked when the song finished and only Will stood and clapped. You're telling me the entire crowd agreed with Jesse that the kiss was common and vulgar? Please, I saw Lea Michele's breasts in Spring Awakening on Broadway and I didn't flinch for a second. It's art, people! Once again, though, I had to remind myself, it wasn't real, it was reali-Glee.

I liked seeing Artie and Brittany share center stage and how she threw a little Charleston into the choreography, but again the results were not a shock. We saw the level of competition they were up against when that Chelsea Handler look-alike belted out Usher. 

While the loss was tough to take, several moments more than made up for it. Santana's Lima Heights tirade; Blaine and Kurt's I love you's and the latter's Pip Pip Hooray; Samcedes!; and how a single Quinn scoffed at how even Zises was hooking up. 

Possibly my favorite moment was when Puck stood up and hugged Mr. Schue. Puck had some great moments in this finale, but please don't ever let him ride a skateboard again. That was just painful. 

I liked the cameo by the "Gas Man" from Dumb and Dumber, who told Will he had real talent. Also, the guard at the Gershwin Theatre letting Rachel and Kurt have 15 minutes on stage was a nice touch, although I'm not too sure if such a nice person exists in Manhattan. I didn't dwell on it too much, however, because I was completely moved by the duet we were treated to. The look in Kurt's eyes as Rachel pulled him to center stage and he looked out on the house was fantastic. 

I was underwhelmed by Finn and Rachel's big date. Patti LuPone made a cameo and Rachel told her she was her idol? I hope Barbara wasn't in the booth adjacent because you know what happens in booth adjacent. Bad things! I thought Rachel and Kurt had more chemistry during their breakfast at Tiffany's than she and Finn shared. It was also strange how they went from midtown to the West Village in subsequent scenes. The transition didn't quite gel with me. 

What did gel though was Quinn's new hair. No pun intended. Loved, loved, loved the new look, even though I had thought they would make more of a fuss over it. It also was a bit weird how she cared so little about the show choir competition after placing so much emphasis on something as frivolous as a school dance, but we have to suspend reality at times with this show and turn a blind eye to some of its inconsistencies.

Like, for instance, when Quinn was so cheery to Rachel and Finn as they walked into the choir room to close out the episode. Do haircuts really work that well, ladies?!?

Dustin was great in his return, as he tried to educate Will at the bar and Jesse dropped his usual lot of lines, as well. I didn't really care for the whole Sunshine scene or Vocal Adrenaline's performance either, for that matter. I was expecting something more. 

Brittany was preaching the truth to Santana and her words made for a great summation. Church was in service as she nailed this season's theme of acceptance. Like Rachel and Kurt sang to one another, everyone in the glee club is who they are today because they met each other.

They have been changed for the better for having met one another, just like I have been after watching this season unfold. Until next season, enjoy the reruns and look forward to the 3D movie. Next year, The New Directions are going to bring home the hardware! 

Did Finchel's kiss cost New Directions the title?


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The finale gave me a lot of mixed feelings. I like how they are so amazed by New York, the movie-like scenes that get me smiling, everything about the songs, the Finchel-Klaine-Samcedes, but I dislike that we don't see too much of Tina, Mike, Artie, Puck, Lauren etc, AND ESPECIALLY the fact that they ALWAYS END UP BEING THE LAST IN THE RANKS! LIKE WTF GLEE WRITERS CAN YOU AT LEAST MAKE THEM LIKE 3ND OR 5TH GEEZ I KNOW ITS NOT ABOUT WINNING BUT BEING LAST PLACE IS GETTING SO FREAKIN OLD FOR THEM.


C'mon, it's not that I don't ship Finchel. But getting them back together in this finale makes the couple even more boring..


I actually really loved season 2 :) The only thing I really hated about it is how Quinn turned back into a bitch after she had been a strong but kind character in season 1. What happened to the Quinn who told Mercedes she was beautiful and formed what seemed like a really strong friendship with her? It seems like getting back together with Finn turned her into a bit of a psycho. I would like to see more of her nice side again in season 3. Plus I would like to see her in a relationship with someone who would treat her right, not some useless guy who will toss her aside for someone else. It may sound like an odd idea, but I think it would be interesting to see her with Artie...I would like both characters to have a happy ending, and think they would make an adorable couple.


I adore Glee. I will never go as far as to say "It's perfect! There's nothing wrong with it!" because it's just not true. Sometimes the storylines are crappy, and personally, I hate Finn and all his relationships and I hope he gets on a train to Alaska and doesn't come back. I wish Puck would strap on a pair and that Quinn would turn back into the feisty girl we saw in Season 1, and would get together with someone who isn't a mindless jock. And I wish that Rachel (as fantastic as her voice is) would donate some of her airtime to Santana, Tina, Artie, Puck, Mercedes, Kurt...I actually think that the least talented person is Finn. Jesse was kinda right, even though I hate him.)I want more Sue, more Goolsby, more laughs. And sometimes the storylines are just frustratingly meh. New York had killer songs but an uneven storyline. Here are my season 2 highlights: Toxic and the sex riot-hilarious
The Kurt storyline in Grilled Cheesus-scratch that, all Kurt storylines-scratch that, Kurt and Blaine-no wait, EVERYTHING ABOUT KURT HUMMEL IS FRICKIN' AMAZING!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WITH BLAINE!!!! Sorry, spazz moment over...
Merlopez kicking ass with River Deep, Mountain High
Most romantic pairings-I love Tinike, Brittana, Artina, Brittartie, Pizes, Samcedes...and Klaine most of all.
Rocky Horror episode
The Warblers and everything about them-please bring them back Ryan Murphy! We want Wes and David!
Gwyneth Paltrow
Original Songs-my personal favourite is Pretending, and Still Got Tonight, the only ACTUAL original song from Matthew Morrison


Season 2 I loved the following;
Introduction of coach Bieste, Blaine and Sam,
Artie singing 'Stronger',
Rachel in the dentist chair spoofing the kid in the youtube video who's been to the dentist "is this real life?",
The Kurt storyline in 'Grilled Cheesus' (totally ignoring Finn and his crappy storyline in it) and his performance of 'I wanna hold your hand' (especially the casting of young Kurt who might as well be Chris Colfer's mini-me he looks so much like him!),
Rachel's rendition of 'Papa can you hear me?' (still gives me chills),
NDs rendition of 'One of us',
Mercedes and Santana kicking it with 'River deep mountain high',
Rachel and Finn's ridiculous version of 'With you I'm born again',
Kurt and Rachel's version of 'Happy days are here again/Get happy' (another one that makes me teary),
Brittany and Artie's relationship (especially her 'Lady and the tramp' meatballs skit on her own),
Karl's version of 'Hot patootie',
The whole episode/songs of 'Never been kissed' (apart from Will stealing Bieste's first kiss),
'Make 'em laugh' (cos I love 'Singin' in the rain'),
Sue and her mother singing 'Ohio',
Finn and Kurt's parent's wedding entrance,
Rachel and Kurt's rendition of 'Don't cry for me Argentina',
'Dog days are over',
The whole Christmas episode/songs (other than 'Last Christmas' which I didn't like the composition of, I love the original),
'Need you now' and 'Thriller/heads will roll',
The whole episode/songs of 'Silly love songs' (except Finn and Quinn plot) especially the confirmation of Rachel/Mercedes/Kurt friendship (at last!), Lauren and Rachel destroying Santana and Artie's version of P.Y.T.,
'Somebody to love' and 'Take me or leave me' (the latter being amazing!),
Blaine and Rachel doing 'Don't you want me?' (loathe the original so amazed I liked this at all),
seeing drunk Mercedes and Tina (love the giggling),
'Landslide' even though I loathe Gwyneth Paltrow I'll give her credit where due this song was brilliantly sung,
The original songs 'Trouty mouth'/'Big ass heart'/'Hell to the no' (the latter is still my ringtone!),
Kurt's version of 'As if we never said goodbye' (again chilling),
NDs version of 'Born this way' (managed to convert me to liking some Gaga),
All the songs from 'Rumours' (even though the plot was a bit crappy),
Mercedes/Sam/Rachel getting together for prom (so sweet),
Sue and Artie's parody of 'Marathon Man' at prom,
'Dancing queen',
Mercedes absolutely killing it with 'Try a little tenderness',
Rachel singing 'My man' she looked like she was doing an impression of Barbra as well as having such a great voice,
The touching acting of 'Funeral' (minus Finn/Quinn dramas which were boring) and 'Pure Imagination' (still makes me bawl),
Rachel and Kurt renacting 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and performing on the 'Wicked' stage,
Dustin slagging off the NDs in NY ('not cooked properly')
Samcedes. See this season it's mostly been just songs I liked, there's only a handful of whole episodes, character development or plots I enjoyed (if I'd listed the things I hated I'd probably still be working on it next week). With season 1 I can't even recall much I didn't like. Shame really :(


this is such an awful season. i still remember last season's mattress, when rachel had to take the group photo by herself and sang a lonely song in her head to cheer herself up. this is the kind of rachel we've grown to love; she is an ambitious diva, but she is still a vulnerable teenage girl prone to disappointments. we don't see this much introspection this past few episodes. quinn was wonderful when she stood up to sue sylvester, asking for a full page photo for glee. she even told sue that glee taught her to be confident in herself no matter what. so i can't believe this same quinn - the quinn who endured humiliation as a pregnant teen, who had to give up her baby, who learned to be humble and proud at the same time - would crumble just because a douchey boyfriend left her and she could no longer become prom queen. puck is all doughy, he's not the tough kid anymore and that makes him kind of boring. poor will, he hasn't grown any since his divorce. he speaks his lines as if he's in physical pain. yah, they're that awful. at least emma can resort to her bambi eyes. the finale was just right for a so-so season. didn't feel the excitement when they were underdogs singing on the fly; nor when they came up against the machine that is vocal adrenaline; nor when they tried to shake things up with valerie and the new singing couple quinn and sam. the writers just wanted to sell a couple more songs, to bait some viewers with some catchy behavior (which is dull and formulaic after a while), they don't even bother to choreograph anymore.


Firstly, after watching Gossip girl, glee showing NY like that was a little weird. but all in all it was pretty good. i am a little annoyed with Finchel. i love it when Quinn, santana & Brittany come together. they exude POWER. Brittany's lines on acceptance was totally rad. and i am really looking forward to Samcedes.


Who here thinks that in their senior year, they will not allow the senior directions to win nationals? Anyone? With one year left for the current cast (they said at the end of the last episode they graduate next year, and Ryan Murphy has been adament about not carrying on with the current cast up to now... although things can definately change!) that is a likely outcome. Then again, with the ratings falling like they did in year two, one more year may be all there is for this show... a la Heroes on NBC. Only time will tell if the writing improves and they get some audience back, although that is hard to do in today's tv climate.


Never thought there would ever be a did it again ryan murphy...again

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