Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Sunshine, Santana and Senior Year!

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The Glee season two finale came and went this week and a majority of fans reacted in a similar fashion:

Rachel didn't know Cats was long off Broadway?!? Quinn got a haircut and instantly welcomed the reunion of Finchel?!? And, more frustrating of all, the group really wanted until the day before to come up with songs for Nationals?!?

Glee Takes NYC

Indeed, storyline holes plagued "New York," leaving viewers worried about the show's future and its focus on sending societal messages over actual, consistent storylines. Can producer Brad Falchuck quiet those concerns? He spoke to EW about plans for season 3...

Might Sunshine return to William McKinley? Unsure. We have some big plans for next year.

What will happen when so many characters graduate next year? We have plans, definitely. This is not a willy nilly thing. We have plans for stuff and it’s gonna all be great.

Will Santana come out as a lesbian? That’s a big deal. We dedicated two episodes to Kurt coming out and then it went on. We want to give it some time so we’re giving it some time and we’re going to get into it next season.

Why did we get so little Wemma on the finale? There was a Will and Emma scene but we had to cut it for time. The Will and Emma people can rest assured that they’re both single now and he’s helped her get better. There will definitely be some hot action there.

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loveeeee Quinn and Puck!!! they seemed destined to be together, Quinn had so much depth about her in season 1 and then its like they just forgot all about her in season 2. Puck and Quinn needs to be revisited, they didnt seem to answer much from their story in season 2.


bring back Quinn and Puck! there is so much unfinished and unanswered story lines


i really loveeeeee gleee!!! especially season 2, with all those new songs, especially i know more songs, and especially, with mercedes, rachel, and sunshine!! mann, if all three sing a damn song it would be sooo good!! that might be my ringtone foreverrr!!! none of my friends know if glee is still on, because they got to nationals, but i think that there might be a time when they won, not only the 12th, pleasee, i hope sunshine can go back and join rachel and mercedes!! i hope glee never end!! hope quinn will also have a new boyfriend, at least someone who will love her, and then there will be some awesome partsss...out of all movies i watched, glee is the most recent movie i watch! GO GLEE CLUB!! beat vocal adrenaline!! theyre just loserss, dont lose from loserss!! at the end, i hope all vocal adrenaline singers join them and they will be unstoppable! awesomee!!


Finchel all the way! Don't break them up in season 3 please!


@2school4cool I personally love Samcedes. I don't think it need be a cliché coupling for it to work, They are a good match (it took time for them to realise it cos Sam has only been at the school a short time and he's been mostly dating Santana and Quinn, who both treated him appallingly, and he needed time to see past being shallow and go for the girl who was beautiful inside and not just the popular girls), Mercedes is sweet and big hearted and Sam is honourable and sweet (I don't view Mercedes as a diva, the only time she made unreasonable demands was due to Lauren mischievously prompting her to and it didn't last long. One need only recall Mercedes conversation with Rachel in the car in 'Night Of Neglect' to see she's not over-confident). Sure Mercedes knows she's talented but she's not mean about it, bigging herself up every now and then is endearing (she doesn't do it the way Rachel does by making others feel like crap in comparison, by the way I love Rachel so I'm not hating on her in saying that).
In regards to Sam rejecting Rachel you have to remember the context of the scene. Firstly it was the episode where he had yet to reveal his family's situation, in the prom episode he actually said he couldn't afford to take one girl to prom let alone two, perhaps his saying she wasn't his type was merely a rouse to get her off the scent? Sure it was a mean thing to say but maybe he felt he had to protect his secret, maybe he didn't mean a word of it?
I agree it's irksome that Rachel can't be happy with anyone but Finn, especially as he's been so douchey all season and totally unworthy of her, but perhaps next season he'll hopefully grow up. Personally I'm sick of the pairing, I find Samcedes a much more interesting coupling and would rather see Rachel reclaim her diva-ness (she's a much bigger diva than Mercedes) and be single for a while till she finds a worthy love interest (she's far more interesting a character when alone).


Is there any Samchel shippers in the house? I still can't believe those two never got together until late in season 2 and they were acquaintances at best. That and I hope in season 3, they at least explain why Sam said Rachel wasn't his type - IMHO, that was just downright mean. Why can't Rachel ever be happy with someone on the show other than Finn? In high school, I don't think I ever saw a jock like Sam dating a diva like Mercedes so I do hope they have a VERY good reason for putting those two together.


I am so glad Rachel and Finn are back together, but they need to move their relationship to the next level, teenage sex is a touchy subject that needs to be readdressed, it was all too fun when Gwenyth did it. I really want to see more of Will and Emma, show some more adult relationships to even out the dramas of teenage 'love'. I hope they bring in someone for Quinn who challenges her and not someone she walks all over like Finn and Sam. Oh and lastly love the Sam and Mercedes match, look out Finchel!!!


lots of inconsistency in season 2 for sure..big build ups only to drop the plot and too much repeat the same types of storylines over and over again. The Finchel thing..while it was what I was hoping would happen..kinda felt rushed and crammed into the last 3 episodes as an afterthought. We do not need 3 episodes of Gwenyth..and I am all for promoting equality and fair treatment of gay people...but i feel they have that storyline really dominating many others have bout some of the other characters getting some dialogue! The bullying plot was timely with current events though...Love Darren Criss. He was a great addition and I feel the show needed stronger male vocals. Alot of songs in this season I loved. I think the writers were silly to decide that they are all juniors..for all we know the first season they could have all be freshmen and they could have milked this cast for another year. /sigh. I would like them to do some RENT songs.."what you own" especially. Glad glee is around for sure! is unique. i have to rewatch season 2 to make a more fair evaluation of it.


@Josie, are you honestly saying Quinn bore no responsibility for the almighty cock up of Suinn? Quinn cheated and Finn enabled her too, they were both equally responsible. Both betrayed Sam as one was his girlfriend and the other was supposed to be his friend. So thrilled he's with Mercedes, she'll treat him right (unless the writers screw up again). Agree about Finn needing to make up his mind though, it's beyond annoying. One minute Quinn is 'the most beautiful girl' he's ever seen, the next he's always been in love with Rachel, then she's never given him 'fireworks', the next he's swinging for Jesse. He needs a slap, and Rachel deserves better.

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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