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Gossip Girl pushed Chuck Bass to the brink tonight in the first half of its two-part, fourth season finale. What did you think of "Shattered Bass"? We want to hear from you.

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live shortly. Right now, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics, you have the floor. Go to it below.

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Chucked in a Hole

What did you think of "Shattered Bass"?

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google this "leighton meester us", but note that this is for Dair eyes only, I am afraid that you Chair lovers can not handle to read this. (not because I think you can not read :)


"You are missing the whole point that the writers had set out. He would never hurt blair, thats why he hit the glass not her." And you are making the point that he needs redemption, because of all the people like you who think it is A-OK to freak out, push someone around, and smash the glass by their head, even to the point of causing injury. Oh excuse me, a perfect, dainty injury. What a crock!


I have to say that this has been the only GG episode in the whole season that I said "HOLY FUCK" in the end. That twist in the end was epic and so was the BASStards forming an alliance. Family is still family!


There is NO chemistry between Blair and Louis, nor is there chemistry between Blair and Dan. Sorry, but this is the truth! It is true that at different points in their trajectory, Chuck would have wanted Blair just to be happy, but I am convinced that he thought (and still thinks) that Blair could only be happy by his side... which is also the truth!
Their love is immense, huge, it's larger than life, it is EPIC!


1. Chuck doesn't need redemption stop going on about it. You are missing the whole point that the writers had set out. He would never hurt blair, thats why he hit the glass not her. They rehearsed with Leighton Meester to make sure she didn't look afraid. She's only running away from him because he was full of darkness and she's seeking her bright fairytale. 2. Dan and Blair fans, don't give up hope. I think Dan still will try and fight for her even if its in an insignificant way. They set up a lot of plots that could continue in the finale or next season. Don't attack the writers about setting them up for a whole season, they only began testing a romantic relationship 5 episodes ago. 3. While I said don't give up hope. I think I should clarify the extent to what you should be hoping for. You should hope that Dan will confess his feelings and perhaps Blair admitting she felt a little bit of something. But you should not hope that he and Blair will be the couple at the end. Chuck and her have way too much chemistry, passion and destiny to ever be replaced by Dan and Blair's relationship. Just don't get your hopes too high.


This episode felt like old school Gossip Girl. I guess the who St. Jude's and Constance Charity thing made it feel that way, but I have to say it was mostly Jack Bass, Chuck Bass, and Nate Archibald kicking some Thorpe ass. I'm so excited for next week it's crazy!


gotta say this is the best episode so far in the second half of GG!
loveee Jack and Chuck!!! Who knows Jack can be good too? and I'm happy they seem to give Chuck's character some growth and he's gonna fight for Blair. Its clear now no matter who comes between them Chair is inseparable


Loved the episode. Great dialogue. Great OMFG moments. Great cliffhanger. Vintage Gossip Girl at its best. For once this 2nd half of the season, an episode I want to re-watch!


the episode rocks the season
Chuck and Blair s story is gluing me to my screen.
Plaese focus on CB net season.
Darlie was interesting too.I am all for it.bring it on.


Sorry my stupid phone ;) i want to write: they let chuck do so bad things to Blair and ...


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