Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: Chair on Chairs!

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Things look pretty dire after last night. But is there hope yet for Chair?

A photo gallery for next week's Gossip Girl season finale includes at least one awfully happy shot of Chuck and Blair (the spoiler pic we posted last month).

Makes you think ...

Chair on Chairs!

How we end up here is anyone's guess, as is what this event even represents. How do you think the fourth season will conclude for the star-crossed couple?

Also in "The Wrong Goodbye", Georgina's back, Charlie's back in S' dress, and Serena looks like she's in a very warm, non-NYC setting in one sequence of events.

Comment below and click to enlarge lots more pics from next week:

OM-G is Back
Will She Choose the Dark Knight?
A Dark Knight
Sunny S
Big Chair Scene
Now This is Awkward
Call Her Serena
Interesting Serena Scene
Airborne Toxic Event
Serena in Cali?
Airborne Toxic Event Pic

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pluralism and alterations...


lol your heading made me laugh


....so....yah can blair and chuck just do each other and get married i mean really this is just stupid they need to be with each other.


hehe i so love how addicted we are to this show. I personally really really want Blair and Chuck to be together they really do complete each other (so corny lol) but i dont care much for serena or dan or nate or geogina or raina pretty much i dont care about anyones relationships execpt for Chuck and Blair haha but its true i so hope they get engaged screw louie hes too pretty for Blair anyway lol GO CHAIR!!


oh also blairs outfit is different when she is kidnapped and when she is with chuck well the dress is the same but the jacket is different and blair would never wear the same dress twice and i know thats not chucks jacket cuz it has glitter shoulders lol but if chair isnt engaged or elope f**k this show chair is the only reason i watch it


oh god if the gg writers are reading this please for the love of all things good put chair together again i dont ever cry over movies or shows but ive been a fan since season 1 and honestly i might really cry like no joke i might let one tear out if blair and chuck dont get back together i know it sounds stupid but damn...they need to be together like this is my favorite show ONLY because of the blair and chuck love story thats the only reason i watch is just because of chair and imma be soo pissed off if they aren't together blah just have them together please!! read the comments look at all these chair fanss answer our gg prayers lol!!


finally, chuck and blair will always be epic :)


Please let Chuck and Blair get back together!! Chuck can’t just let her go after fighting for her, I miss Chair so bad! I thought that after watching this season that Chair would get back together and be engaged by the end of the season, I miss them so much!! I will cry so much if Chuck lets Blair go and Blair will go to Monaco for the summer with Louis and Chuck will spend the summer with Nate, I can’t wait until september for season 5... God I really hate the writers with all my heart... After last years finale where Chair didn’t end up together I thought and not just me that Chair would get their happy ending this finale.... FUCK THE WRITHERS FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US CHAIR-FANS!!


bcbg teen-- I totally agree! Chair has their rough patches, but so does every relationship on gg, so its no reason to jump ship! i'll be a chair shipper forever!!


Chair on Chairs= not a dream sequence=me stoked!!!! :D

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