Gossip Girl Review: Call Me Serena!

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If nothing else, the Russell Thorpe story line can no longer be called boring.

In the first installment of Gossip Girl's two-part season finale, Bart's old partner was exposed as a sociopath and possible murderer - one setting his sights on the ultimate revenge, holding the one thing Chuck truly covets in life in a precarious position.

Let's backtrack and break down how Russell and Blair ended up on the roof ...

Mr. Louis Waldorf

Despite predictable developments and serious plot holes, "Shattered Bass" was entertaining for the most part and featured some terrific cameos and one-liners.

Blair and Louis' love affair is in full bloom, although I certainly didn't sense a lot of chemistry between them this week. Partly because B was seeing Chuck a lot.

She spends a lot of time worrying about Chuck for someone supposedly so enthralled with Louis, doesn't she? The writers sure glossed over Chuck's abuse fast.

Princess Sophie even had B tailed to prove that she was being dishonest with Louis. This begs the question: If she reveals her dark side, will he still want her?

He claims he will, but it looks far from certain. Those unsavory elements of B's personality are what forms the magnetism Chuck feels with Blair and vice versa.

Princess Sophie was won over, though, thanks to Cyrus. Wallace Shawn once again proved he is the man, and not just because of his Princess Bride reference.

Meanwhile, in thoroughly confusing Chuck news mostly redeemed by the return of Desmond Harrington as Jack, Raina called in Evil Uncle Bass. For REVENGE.

Jack then got in touch with Russell and plotted to take down Chuck, because Raina was to amateurish. Then Jack enlisted some thugs to force Chuck into rehab.

It's a good thing this was a setup - to trap Russell into rifling through Chuck's stuff with him supposedly locked away - because it was unrealistic on many levels.

Russell falling for it was amazing in a sense, but he was pretty desperate. The surveillance tape Russell wanted so hard didn't prove Bart Bass' guilt, but his own.

Jack's Back

It was great, and admittedly unexpected, to see Jack take Chuck's side on this one, and noble of young Bass to let Russell walk with the same deal Bart had offered him.

Then Nate had to go and open his pretty mouth.

Having heard the truth from Nate, Raina called her dad to tell him he may as well be dead to her too. Betrayed, reeling and crazy, Russell hatched a plan for revenge.

Just as Chuck went to make a last-ditch effort to win over Blair at her public, royal debut with Louis, she was lured again by her star-crossed flame to Charlies' Place.

The roof of the hotel he's building, that is. Only Russell Thorpe awaited her, not Chuck. Will he bookend his career of torching buildings with Bass love interests inside?

Will Chuck stop him in the nick of time, only to win Blair's heart back from Louis? And is Raina's mom actually dead? We'll have to see when the season wraps May 16.

While all this was happening, Charlie went off her medication.

What she takes it for, why she stopped taking it, why she left evidence of not taking it in plain view, and how missing one dose made her NUTS in about three hours?

All very unclear. But that's where we're at right now.

She Wants That Lab

After Dan invited Charlie to a fundraiser at Constance (which hilariously featured the return of Katy and Iz, along with those Gossip Girl fans who are like 12), Charlie freaked that she had nothing to wear, then showed up in Serena’s Cotillion dress!

This was absurdly awesome moment #1 of Charlie's story line: Serena's reaction and her cousin's insistence that it was a Nina Ricci number she bought once she got access to the Rhodes Trust Fund (another confusing plot element I won't get into).

Awesome moment #2? Charlie deciding she wants to get Humphreyed in Headmistress Queller’s office, slipping out of that dress like it was on fire, thrusting Serena-esque cleavage at Dan ... then breathlessly moaning for him to CALL HER SERENA!

Dan, understandably, backed off at that point.

While this would have been a top five Gossip Girl sex scene (maybe it even still counts, given some of the camera angles), Dan did the right thing coming to his sense there. The question is what happens next week when Charlie becomes even more unhinged.

Vanessa is coming to the rescue there, at least! Appearing out of nowhere and guaranteeing herself at least a 9 on this week's Gossip Girl Round Table, she and Serena called truce so they could share notes on Rufus and Charlie and her meds for some reason.

The more I write about it, the more I enjoyed some of the vintage Gossip Girl elements of this episode. By no means was it one of the show's best, but it'll be interesting to see how next week plays out and what note Season Four goes out on.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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jeez what is vanessa still doing here?? she's so annoying >


I hope the spoilers about DAIR are true and we get to see more of them.


Maybe Charlie would have had more luck if she said "Call me Blair"! I liked that spoiler that Anna posted, I hope it's close to accurate! I like Dair :)


So this weeks Gossip Girl episode was epic. Had all the elements of a good Gossip Girl episode, schemes, fashion, sex scenes and romance, oh and a cliff hanger ending. Last week I was reeling after Raina called Jack Bass, and this week with the scheming with Thorpe. And actually couldn't believe that Jack Bass was going to have Chuck committed. So when Nate, Jack and Chuck appeared I was so relieved. Jack Bass didn't strike again, his jokes about Blair were a bit on the insensitive side though. Silly Nate couldn't keep quiet at least until Thorpe left NYC. Although he was right to tell Raina about her dad. I wonder how long Raina will be sticking around, into next season perhaps? Charlie certainly managed to get her crazy on quickly. I wonder what her illness is, surely her mum should have enlightened Lily and Rufus before she left her there. I had a literally laugh out loud moment when Charlie told Dan to call her Serena. Dan's face was a picture! Hahaha! Cyrus and Blair scene was so cute. I hope Thorpe doesn't get too sinister with Blair. Surely he won't try and burn this building down too, trapping Blair. Prince, Dan and Chuck to the rescue??? I'm having to use all my restraint to stop myself reading any spoilers to the finale. Excited much!? Ed Westwick, highlight of the show. Dreamy!


I really didn't enjoy Monday's episode. I mean the plot was all over the place. They only thing that made me laugh was Charlie "Call me Serena" I can't get enough of her. God she really is crazy. I am a DB fan so I was really disappointed in the lack of DB scenes in the whole episode. DB are funny, smart and just plain adorable. It would have been great just to see them together even for one second.


google this "leighton meester us", but note that this is for Dair eyes only, I am afraid that you Chair lovers can not handle to read this. (not because I think you can not read :)


@Lulu: Let's see, it has pink puffy sleaves (if they can be called that). The upper part of the bodice has nothing to do with the black part, it's also a little stiff, I could deal with the latter but the more you watch it the more it looks like an armour from Greek and Roman times. Also I didn't get the cleavage, you don't notice it in pictures but in the episode there is like an opening in the part above the breasts, is that supposed to be a hint of a cleavage? Because you really don't see anything, only those parts moving when she moved sideways in front of her vanity in her scene with Louis in the bedroom. The roses would have looked better if all the dress would have been black instead of a black lower part and an upper part that had nothing to do with the lower part. For me it was the hair and makeup that make her look lovely in the face, I know some people didn't like the hairdo but I liked it, and the earrings were appropiate for the dress, you have to give her credit for that. She has had way better dresses over the years, just to put an example the dress in 4x12, an episode with Dair interaction, just in case anyone was expecting me to point out a CB scene. If somebody doesn't like this show anymore then please by all means stop watching, one thing is complaining about what you don't like in the writing while you are still invested in the show and another thing is complaining while you already took the decision to part ways with the story. It just not worth it in the last case and is tiresome for one self and others. I for one don't support and won't support Dair for reasons that are non CB related (my CB related reasons have been put on hold indefinetely after 4x20) but I didn't stop watching the show during their arc, I watched every single episode even if I was only going to watch it just one time.


My taste in "ships" runs more towards things like The Golden Hind, which may not be so far off topic from Gossip Girl as one might suppose.
Wow, some of y'all are seriously unhinged!
And yes, I do love Blair's dress from this past and upcoming episode. It frames her face with flattering colors, and manages to be a black gown without being a boring black gown. What's not to like?

Kimberly anne

This episode was really good. There were parts that were moving really slowly like every scene with Dan and Charlie. I always knew she was psychotic and those pills in that odd shaped trash proves it.
So I just want to make this cleat…is Dair officially over? Because I want that to be TRUE so badly. I never rooted for them and never will so I hope they don’t happen again. And I seriously doubt what Vanessa said about Dan being a good kisser is true. I thought Vanessa got the internship aboard so why is she still here? I find it really awkward and fake that Serena would have a picture of her and Dan kissing at the Cotillion on her night stand if they are really over and that he is her step brother who she also shares a sibling with. I am so over the Thorpes because I cannot stand Nate and Raina and Russell. Nate and Raina are so boring together. He really is useless this season. I got lost when Russell was explaining what happened that day his wife died. So why is Jack and Chuck acting like family and not like real Bass men? I thought they hated each other and considering what happened the last time they met, and the fact that Jack made him lose Blair, I thought there was so way to fix their relationship, let only work together. So that gap in between needed a little more explaining. Although it was cute that they are family again. And Jack was hilarious when they were all interrogating Russell. Chuck got so annoyed that he looked like he was going to punch him every time he was interrupted. Yay!!!! Cyrus and Eleanor are back!!!! But no Dorota???? What???? Anyway, I’m surprise Eleanor didn’t freak out about the whole engagement. She seemed really happy about it. So does everyone in the show who has money also have their own spy or something? Because it seems that way. Louis’ mom had Blair followed, yet by simply talking with Cyrus, she all of a sudden became accepting of Blair? That’s a little over exasperating for me. Also, why didn’t Blair just call Chuck to let him known Jack is in the city. By leaving all of a sudden like that, of course she came off as being very suspicious. And Louis may be royalty but he’s an amateur at spying. Who spies on someone else in Brooklyn in a stretched limo? And why does his limo look so much like Chuck’s?
Anyway, I was so scared for Blair in the end. I wondered who called her at the party? I seriously thought for a second that it was Jack and that all he said about Chuck fighting for Blair were lies. But then when I saw Russell, I thought it was a great plot that connected with the beginning of the episode because she really is Chuck’s weakness according to Jack. I cannot wait to see what happens in the season finale.


Chuck believes he owns Blair and she surely acts accordingly. I don't like her with him.

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