Gossip Girl Season Finale Review: Happily Never After

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What a tease.

After Chuck rescued Blair, she let go of their inhibitions and they both had some old-fashioned fun (followed by sex!), it looked like this was it. Chair together for good.

It took her engagement to adequate but uninspiring Louis to bring this about, but here they were. Emotionally bonded and passionately enmeshed forever, come what may.

Until Chuck had a last-minute change of heart and let her go in "The Wrong Goodbye." In his heart of hearts, he seemed to know it was the right decision. But it still hurt.

Big Chair Scene

Perhaps they're not meant to be together after all. Maybe the fire that makes Chair so electric on screen also destroys both. For Chuck, he loved Blair too much to risk it.

When Chuck pulled an about-face and gave Louis his blessing, Blair appeared resigned to the same belief - that she needed to profess her love for Chuck, then move on.

Disappointing as this was for Chair fans, it was relatively well done. My only caveat will be if Chuck reverts to his old ways and meddles in their relationship next season.

If he's going to mature and let her go, he has to really let her go.

Do you think Blair and Louis will have their happily ever after? Or will the relationship and life as a princess lose its luster, ultimately leading B back to her Dark Knight?

At this point, it's hard to want Blair and Louis to fail. The way Chuck and Blair ended things Monday night gave them both closure. Maybe now they can finally move on.

The fate of Chuck and Blair (and Louis and Blair) is something we will debate all summer long and potentially beyond, and I'm dying to hear what you all think about it.

As for the rest of the fourth season finale ... wow. That was a lot thrown at us, yet relatively little at the same time. Story arcs wrapped quickly, then new ones began.

When we left her last week, Charlie stopped taking her mystery meds. At the start of the finale, Dan is trying to find her, while Chuck is alarmed and looking for Blair.

B is trapped atop Charles Place with Russell Thorpe, who appears to be trying to set the whole place on fire via some gas leak. They sell gasoline too, man. Just saying.

Then be still my heart, Michelle Trachtenberg graces the screen as Georgina.

OM-G is Back

I have to say, Michelle had some of the show's funniest dialogue in a long time. She and Jack Bass have really made the last two weeks for me. It was great to have her back.

Why was Georgina even there? Presumably because of the alumni event? Did she even go to Constance? All unclear, but she's so shady and hilarious it could not matter less.

Watching her subtly reference her antics while clamoring to be a part of the scheme was so funny, I couldn't wait to see what happened next (not always the case this season).

What she does next is direct reeling Charlie to the nearest open window. Nice, G!

Up on the roof, Blair clandestinely calls Chuck from her pocket (he's still #1 on speed dial!!!!!) to reveal her location and the gang busts Russell in approximately 15 seconds.

Chuck and Blair decide to get a drink to calm her nerves before he delivers her to Louis, but they wind up getting it on at a Bar Mitzvah. Don't even ask. But it was awesome.

With Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" echoing in the background, Chuck and Blair pretended to be Jewish, then stopped pretending they don't belong in each other's arms naked.

This isn't just love, it's complicated, intense, all-consuming magnetism. Maybe it can't sustain itself long-term, but if nothing else, they gave us one heck of a last hurrah.

Meanwhile, Serena finds Charlie about to plunge to her doom. Charlie says every girl wants to be Serena and every guy wants to date her. This triggers something in S.

She decides she's really letting herself down by not making her own choices and decides (with a little help from the headmistress) to do something for herself this summer.

Charlie is fine all of a sudden, and Georgina, who had to have a reason for hanging around besides making me laugh, either knows or is suspicious she wasn’t ever on meds.

G was right. Turns out that Charlie is really a girl named Ivy and was being paid by Carol to ensure the Van Der Woodsens wouldn’t come after her ever again. Okay then.

The plot holes here are too numerous to count, so let's just hold off until next fall. Kaylee Defer is a cast member now, and "Ivy" has G's number. Let the crazies unite!

Finally, Vanessa finds Dan’s manuscript and calls him a sellout for not publishing it. He calls her a bad friend. She steals the book and has it published, anonymously.

"Where do I send the checks," asks an editor. Because it's that easy to get a book published. Oye. We love Dan, but wow, this is some bad writing. The show's, not his.

Then again, Vanessa did leave for Spain, so this plot line was a net positive.

Interesting Serena Scene

Fast forward three weeks and story arcs are being tied up left and right. Blair is headed to Monaco to get married, and she’s still being friendly with Dan and with Chuck.

Charlie returns to Florida but longs for NYC. Eric is going off to college, but first, to the Hamptons with Dan. Chuck and Nate are embarking on an epic global adventure.

Serena heads to California to do nothing on the beach. She needs to be alone in Malibu, only to get a job in the movies when a famous director happens to walk past her.

Oh, and there's a positive pregnancy test in the trash Dorota removes as we fade to black! Could be Blair carrying the baby of Louis ... or Chuck?! Is it even B's test?

Quite the cliffhanger to leave us with after a finale that was already pretty darn entertaining. The show went out on a high note and next season could be even better.

Who do you think the pregnancy test belongs to, and what developments are you most looking forward to next fall? Did you like the Gossip Girl season finale overall?

Did Chuck make the right decision? Is it really over for Chair? Was the season as a whole disappointing, or did it redeem itself by the end? So much to discuss. Go to it!

First, a quick poll: Did Chuck make the right decision letting Blair go?


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@Em LOL at the "Princess B" comment.


Do you think there was sth in the look of Erik that he gave to Dan when Dan asked Blair to go see a movie.....althought Blair and Dan characters were too busy with other story lines at the past 3 episodes but.........i don't.....i liked there short "something" and we know Dan loves her,a nd we know Louis is awfully annoing.......so fingers crossed!!!!


my prediction: Blair's preggo. She thinks its Louis but finds out it's Chuck's (maybe they had sex right after she chooses him). Blair and Louis will prob end it, there's already alot he's had to deal with, another guys baby is too much for a new relationship. hopefully this happens after some wedding plans cuz i would love to see what kind of dress Blair picks. Yes he is getting more mature, but Chuck is probably going to freak cuz his own dad was not exactly a prime example of impeccable fathering skills. So he'll withdraws from her, leaving Blair enrapt with questions and turning to her new friend, Dan, who has had baby trauma before. they'll relationship will grow as she weighs her options, and Chuck will come around. i dont know if there will actually be a baby on the show. maybe miscarraige? but i think it will ultimately create a Chuck, Blair and Dan triangle. i want Serena's character to do something crazy and amazing and identify herself with something more than boys and getting over her past. i'm glad to see her developing her talents.


It was quite sad to see Chuck and Blair end things "for real", but I really think Chuck did the right thing. We can see Chuck and Blair love each other and that they will always do. I have to say Ed and Leighton are very talented; great actors, so much chemistry between them. I'm really going to miss that. BUT I'm pretty sure the pregnancy test is Blair's, and I think the fact Chair had sex plays a big role in this storyline. I hope the baby is Chuck's... That would be so awesome. Now, I hope Blair can be happy (and I really hope she won't be with Dan, that would be so pathetic!!!!!), but eventually she has to find her way back to her 'great love', the one and only, Chuck Bass. Even Dair fans have to admit they have the best chemistry ever! It's going to be a long wait 'til the new season...


I don´t think blair is pregnant.. I mean she was acting way too normal when she was talking to serena.. If she was worried about that i guess she would probably say something to serena just like the last time she tought she was pregnant...


I have been a hardcore dedicated gossip girl fan since the start and now I've lost all interest. Blair meets a guy once in Paris and several months later he comes to find her and BOOM they get engaged?!! yeaa sure.. deadly realistic! I could maybe understand if they had some deep passionate love ....oh wait....she has that with chuck...so why the heck is she marrying the French frog? Lets just hope our Queen B doesn't downgrade to Princess B...because that would be a shame.


There is no way that pregnancy test was Blair's. To say that Blair is knowingly trying to pass off a baby that she knows is Chuck's as Louis's is completely against her character. No matter how much of a crazy schemer Blair can be, she would never steap that low. And it would not make any sense story wise to make it Louis's baby because he isnt a regular character and that would completely ruin all of her other potential pairings with Chuck, Dan or whomever. Plus, she wouldnt set the wedding date for November. She'd be showing in November and even if the kid is Louis's, no one, especially somone like Blair Waldorf, wants to be visibily pregnant bride on her wedding day. She's going to be princess for god sakes! If she knew she was pregnant she would have made the date a lot sooner. The pregnancy test has to belong to someone else. Its probably Eleanors. She'll be back next season for sure for the wedding. She's still young enough to have kids and she even had one in the books. That scene was just a ploy to keep us guessing this whole summer. But if you use actualy LOGIC then its pretty easy to deduce that its not Blairs. I wouldnt be suprised if the writers added the pregnancy test in the last minute because everything else had already been spoiled with the leaked script. Which, by the way, did not have the pregnancy test scene but had EVERYTHING ESLE that happened this episode. The writers just wanted to throw a bone at CHAIR shippers but i have a strong feeling that this break up is going to stick for a while. Logically it makes no sense to make this whole big deal about breaking them up and then have Blair get pregnant. It counters the entire finale and not even GG would be stupid enough to do that. People, PLEEASSSEEE.....


That was an extremely interesting season finale. The Chair ending was amazing. I cried. A lot. And I really felt like the writers actually did a nice job for once with something relating to Chair. How do I even start with Charlie's storyline? The Serena new storyline was written fairly nicely (AND OMGZ ETHAN PECK


it was heartbreaking to watch as I'm a Chair fan but I am sure Chair is far from over.
I'm sure Blair is pregnant with Chuck's baby
all of you must realize Louis is a guest star he wont stay forever, Blouise is not endgame...Chair is! Or else why would the writers make Blair suddenly pregnant right after Chair said goodbye? Something must happen to make Louise go and reunite Chair, thats why I think they are going with the Blair pregnancy story.


Great episode but also very sad for CB fans. I loved Chair on Chairs!! I think last night showed that CB can never have closure because they are meant to be. I didn't expect them to get back together because there is another season and the writers are going to drag this out but I have a lot of hope for CB because of Baby Bass!! That is soooo Chuck's baby. They better not use Baby Bass to make Cb fans tune in again just to throw more OOC drama at them. They need to start rebuilding CB right away because next season may be their last. CB FTW!!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Chuck: You really love him, don't you?
Blair: Yes. But not like I love you. Louis and I, it's different. It's lighter, more simple. He makes me happy.
Chuck: And I don't?
Blair: What we have is a great love. It's complicated. Intense. All-consuming. No matter what we do and how much we fight, it'll always pull us in. What's mere happiness in the face of all that, right?

Chuck: There's a difference between a great love and the right love. I left the Empire State Building last year after two minutes when you didn't show. Louis waited all night. This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn't want it 'cause you've never had it and it scares you. But you deserve your fairytale.
Blair: We make our own fairytales.
Chuck: Only when we have to.