Gossip Girl Season Finale Round Table: "The Wrong Goodbye"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, GG critic Mister Meester is joined by the legendary and incomparable Gossip Guy, TV Fanatic's esteemed co-creator to discuss the Season Four finale.

Our colleague DANdy is back from his Lost Weekend Month with Jack, but will likely take until September to fully recover from that kind of bender. Rough.

It's a two-man show again, sadly, for our last RT of the season:


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: "When are you going to realize that I had a better life before you climbed up my fire escape four years ago?" Snap yo, V. Good riddance and enjoy Spain!

Mister Meester: OMG, anything out of G's mouth. "I haven't been this bored since I believed in Jesus" was classic, as were her nonchalant references to the guy she was with (and why), and how she accelerated someone's hospice care to score an apartment.

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2. Did Chuck and Blair make the right decision to part ways?

Gossip Guy: Yes, Chuck saved Blair's life. Yes, Chuck seems to be maturing. But I just don't think he's dealt enough with his many demons to be ready for any woman in his life, let alone Queen B. Now, do I think boring Louis is right for her? Probably not, but are the princes ever exciting in fairy tell weddings? Eh, who am I kidding, go get married. All I care about is that I get invited on that yacht. Move over, Rufus.

Mister Meester: I think they did, but as I said in my review of the episode, they need it to stick. She's getting married. If Louis was going to get dumped, this was the time to do it. If Chair's games continue any longer, they will not only grow stale, but hurt other people.

3. Hardest to believe: The five-second resolution of the Raina/Russell storyline, Serena getting a job in the movies, or Dan's novel getting published anonymously?

Gossip Guy: It seems every week my "harder to believe" also goes to something with the Raina / Russell storyline, so I might as well give it to the silly wrap up of that waste of a season-long arc. Meanwhile, I definitely believe the S storyline. I know I'd give her any job.

Mister Meester: All were too convenient, but the publisher asking "where do I send the checks" killed me. We're expected to believe V would steal Dan's work (which he didn't notice was gone), shop it around masquerading as his agent and land a lucrative deal?

Mr. Louis Waldorf

PRINCE HARMING: Will Blair break Louis' heart next season?

4. Who do you most want to see back next season: Jenny, Jack or Georgina?

Gossip Guy: Ooh that's a tough one. I mean obviously not raccoon girl, but way to try and sneak her in, Mister Meester. Very clever. I guess I'm going to go with G. Jack had his hilarious day in the sun, let's see what G can do now that she's teaming up with Crazy Charlie. And no, I don't care if it was an act, it only makes her crazier in my eyes.

Mister Meester: All of the above. I don't know if it was part of the problem, but I personally missed Jenny this season. Jack is great but the small doses we get may contribute to that. Georgina, on the other hand, still has me laughing after last night. More G always equals more drama and humor. Great combination, no?

5: Rate last night on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10).

Gossip Guy: Didn't I already give V a sendoff? Now I almost feel guilty. Girl is off the show and already got called out in my favorite quote. Ah, who am I kidding? 732.

Mister Meester: At the very least, Jessica Szohr's character came full circle last night, reverting back to the holier-than-thou outsider calling out Dan's sellout ways. 4.

6: Who's pregnant?!

Gossip Guy: Unfortunately, I'm as positive as the test that it's Blair and Chuck's baby. It's Gossip Girl and there's no way Blouis could have a drama-free wedding.

Mister Meester: If it were really Cyrus and Eleanor, as some readers have realistically guessed, that would be the weakest cliffhanger in history, even for the CW. Serena hasn't been with any guys in the recent past, right? So it's got to be Blair. With two potential dads (three if you count Dan, though it's unclear if they had sex), that would give birth to a HUGE story line.

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Dorota was coming from Serena's bedroom into the bathroom to empty the trash can, so it seems to me to be Serena's. Also Serena goes off to be with her grandmother, maybe she needs her help like her mother did.


Was that last scene a joke? Come on people this is gossip girl we're talking about! They'll play with the idea that Blair is pregnant and stretch it out a little bit so we keep guessing whether it's Louis's or Chuck's, which in turn causes Blair and Louis's whole engagement to be called off leaving her available for Chuck. They find out they really are meant for each other, only to find out she probably lost the baby or had another scare. And this whole plot will proceed until the writers come up with something else. Your welcome


And I really loved Headmistress Queller berating Serena for not leaving the bubble of the UES for Brown!


1. Dan's "When are you going to realize that I had a better life before you climbed up my fire escape four years ago?". I have never had a negative feeling towards V in the whole four seasons of GG, but after what she did to Dan in the finale, I Hate Her! The only comfort is that maybe Chuck, Nate & Blair will see her living it up in Spain and realize something's not right. Dan can hopefully spin it that V wrote the book so he doesn't lose his friends, and of course Serena will be staring in the movie version of the book.
2. Yes, it was the right decision. Blair's comment to Russell that Chuck acted as if he owned her instead of earned her, and Chuck's comment that he waited two minutes for B on the top of the Empire State Building but Louis waited all night for B at C-SJ prove it. That being said, I don't think this royal wedding is going to happen.
3. What I found hard to believe is Charlie is really Ivy. And I gotta say, when I thought Charlie was really Charlie, I was excited for her joining the show. Now that I now Charlie is really a conwoman named Ivy, my excitement has died and I'm counting the days until she's gone.
4. I guess I'm gonna go with Georgina here. I loved how bored she was, begging the gang to include her in their scheme.
5. I thought we all moved on from the V Uselessness scale and were debating between the Nate & the Rufus Uselessness scale. Nate was pretty useless last night - I'll give him a 9 since he did call the cops. Rufus? He provide some exposition and the use of the Hamptons House - he gets a.......5.
6. It's too easy for it to be Blair's. It's too unbelievable for it to be Serena's. I think it's either Eleanor's, Dorota's (she didn't bat an eyelash at it so she must know it's there) or one of the Crazies (Georgina, "Charlie") planted it there.
BQ: Where we really supposed to buy that that was Constance-St. Jude's? And that they would hire that Do-Diddle-Twang group to perform at their alumni fundraiser?


It's not Blair. She would never choose a November wedding knowing she would be shoiwing by that time. She's going to be a princess. Princess' dont get married pregnant. It would create a royal scandal which is what she's been trying to avoid since she met Louis.


Although if it is Blair's you would think the infamous Chuck Bass would always have some protection on him, in his pocket, in his wallet, in his shoes lol??? He's Chuck Bass!!! Also after the pregnancy scare in season 1 I'm sure Blair would have learnt her lesson and be taking the pill, especially since she's been in long term relationships.I know these aren't 100% effective, but I hope they explain it if it is Chuck and Blair's baby, if there is a baby. Now I'm confused = S.


Or like someone said the test could be negative hahahaha. That would be funny, I don't really know cause I have no idea how to read those things = S. But it might make someone wake up and decide to review their life choices (hint, hint, nudge, nudge Blair = P)


I dunno, Eleanor does not make sense to me. I don't want a baby for the main characters on the show, but why the heck would she take the pregnancy test in her DAUGHTERS BATHROOM??? I'm pretty sure she has her own. Besides I thought she said she was past that stage in her life? Unless I misinterpreted. Still seems kind of weird to me, after the way Blair acted the first time, that she would take the test in Blair's bathroom (which is weird in itself) then leave it in her trashcan for her to see???? Then again it is Gossip Girl so who knows. Sadly but probably more likely it's Blair's because then it creates the drama about who the Dad is. But who know's with Gossip Girl. I don't think Dan and Blair did it, they just kissed and there was no indication of more. Knowing Dan there would be no way he could keep that from at least Eric. And you would think if they did sleep together things between Dan and Blair would be infinetly more awkward...


when do season 5 starts

Uncle jackass

Comments: Of course, the baby isn't Dan's. That wouldn't make sense due to Dan's unrequited relationship with Blair. As with the larger majority of people agree, it's just a baby brother for Blair. Like last season with Chuck supposely being mortally wounded, the next opener will fix this misconception early onwards. @waldorf hysteria, I think the 'plot twists' would be that Charlie or Serena was impregnated by Chuck Bass as some sort of revenge for a possible Dair relationship. But that would undermine Chuck's path of redemption. @followtheyellowbrickroad, I still think there is room for improvement for "Chuck's Redemption," although I have no idea how he would accomplish such a thing. I also think the last episode solified that Chuck and Blair love no other as strongly as each other, but that doesn't mean that they'll end up together. The majority of relationship surveys and studies show that the larger majority of actual people marry a life-time friend. @Ginger K, I totally agree with you views. I mean how would anyone know who is the true endgame? If Leighten Meester did leave, but the show was renewed after season 6, they would have to either cancel the show or create new endgames. Expect the unexpected! If you're a die hard shipper for an endgame, then don't watch the show! You won't get what you want. (@lol believes that they're the writers of the show). @Ronjay2309, I also found it funny that Vanessa could have published a book and get all the revenue under the guise of an agent. This means that, even if the book becomes a success, Dan gets not one cent while her supposedly true friend profiteers on his expense. Dan would become the "Ultimate Outsider" while being dirt poor! @Anais, there were tons of Dan angst moments that showed that he really is infatuated with Blair. It's almost like history has been re-written and Serena is no longer his soul mate.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Chuck: You really love him, don't you?
Blair: Yes. But not like I love you. Louis and I, it's different. It's lighter, more simple. He makes me happy.
Chuck: And I don't?
Blair: What we have is a great love. It's complicated. Intense. All-consuming. No matter what we do and how much we fight, it'll always pull us in. What's mere happiness in the face of all that, right?

Chuck: There's a difference between a great love and the right love. I left the Empire State Building last year after two minutes when you didn't show. Louis waited all night. This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn't want it 'cause you've never had it and it scares you. But you deserve your fairytale.
Blair: We make our own fairytales.
Chuck: Only when we have to.