Grey's Anatomy Review: "I Will Survive"

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Don’t you love Thursday nights?!

I’m biting my bottom lip now trying to simply review last night’s absolutely incredible episode, "I Will Survive," and desperately trying not to comment just yet on the previews for next week’s Grey's Anatomy season finale.

Honestly, I can't wait to see the repercussions from yet another strong installment. Now, let’s talk about the perfectly delivered, emotionally-packed performance by our favorite doctors.

Derek With a Baby
Adopting a Baby?

First off, I really liked the fact that Calzona was not the main focus this week. Without them in the limelight, we were able to see the competition for chief resident at its best. 

Not surprisingly, Alex told on Meredith about her messing with the Alzheimer’s trial. I just knew he would though. I doubt that Meredith will lose her job or McDreamy, but she will certainly be facing severe consequences. Rightfully so, though.

Then again, let’s not forget about what Izzie did and how she was only put on probation.

While I found it slightly annoying that Cristina didn’t follow protocol and tried to hijack a patient without even trying to talk to Teddy, I appreciated the new friendship between both April and Cristina.

It made complete sense when April explained that she always follows protocols because of the incident when she was fired for killing a patient due to missing a simple step.

April’s grown on me over this past season, but I still don’t want her to be chief resident. I can truthfully say that I have no idea who should be chosen now. 

Moreover, Owen was right. Cristina isn’t meant to be chief resident. She’s meant to be a surgeon.

As for Alex, I was happy to see that Lucy was back. However, it was unfortunate that it took him too long to realize just maybe his career shouldn’t come before a shot at love. I can’t say that I saw it coming that she would be the one to take the clinic job in Africa.

I, for one, liked Lucy and Alex together. With her out of the picture and his betrayal to Meredith, I wonder how Alex will react. Will what he did to Meredith affect their friendship? 

Charlie's Angel
Definitely in the Running

While Avery backed out of Chief Webber’s diabetes study for noble reasons, I realized that I almost forgot that he was a surgeon. After all, we haven’t seen him in the OR lately.

I found it a little strange that Callie was back to work already, but it’s great to see her happy with her “crack baby”. Plus, how amazing was Mark with baby Sophia?

As a Mark and Lexie fan, I loved all of their scenes together. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they just need to be together. Although there are so many issues for these two, it was completely obvious how much they missed and needed each other.

I also loved the MerDer and Zola scenes. As expected, Meredith was nervous about her interview with the social worker. I certainly liked how she admitted she didn’t know much about being a good mother, but she was willing to do whatever it takes to be a good mom.

I’m wistfully hoping that Derek forgives her for jeopardizing the Alzheimer’s trial sooner than later, and that things work out for them with baby Zola. 

Meanwhile, I can’t say that I’ve been fully invested in Teddy and Andrew Perkins or even Henry, but I do wonder if Teddy will really move to Germany.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent episode and am especially excited about the upcoming season finale. What did you think of “I Will Survive”?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


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Alex told on Meredith because he has been let down by Izzie, Rebecca, and now Lucy and he can't afford to have Meredith who is his only friend left step on his heart also so he did it because he is so broken that he can't trust anyone. He betrayed someone for a change rather than being the one who gets betrayed.


Not good to write a SL that means the remaining original residents can't be chief resident. A bit too stretching coincidences to make Adele have Altzhimers when MerDer are doing a clinical trial on it. Another stretch that Henry has become diabetic and Ellis' old diaries hold the solution to his condition. Now Cris has an unwanted pregnancy and Mer who went through so much in loosing a baby(a barely acknowledged SL)turns out to be unable to get pregnant again. Another stretch. I think there is really a problem in the writing of GA, it's past its peak.


shonda is clearly out of ideas!


Guys dont you see! Alex told on Meredith because he was anoyed at how every treats meredith compared to him. At the bar before he blabbed Christina Yang told Alex,"everyone trust meredith and she good at things like that and thats why she'll be chief resident"-(rought translation). Alex was thinking in his mind, " everybody trust meredith? oh yeah? wait till they here this"


I really love the scene when Mark and lexie were in the radiology room... Cutest couple ever! And when she said "and then you realize I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with that guy" was just... Awww!! Get them back together now please!! About who will win the resident chief race I think it will be April, and I'm happy of that. This season I really started to like this character very much.
And Cristina definitely shouldn't be the resident chief because Owen is right, she is a surgeon. Btw, I love when she started to giving advices to everybody... LOL And one of the things that really piss me off in this episode... Teddy are you crazy!! Henry is an awesome man who loves you... Why don't you see it?? Back to the chief resident storyline I really can't believe Alex told Owen about Mer. Ok he was drunk and Lucy had just stolen his job but...
And about Meredith I love the MerDer family scenes with Zola!! So sweet!! And I won't be surprised if Derek starts to dance and jump of happiness around the hospital... That guy couldn't be more happy with Zola. Unfortunately I don't think it will last very much when Owen told him about the trial... Well another amazing episode of GA... can't wait to see how this season will end! :)


I want Lexie to stick around with Jackson! Pleeeeease I am definitely not a Lexie/Mark fan :((


To be clear: I don't think Alex of all people should have ever told on Meredith. Silent treatment was already bad, he should have kept urging and pushing her to come clean on her own and do the right thing. But if he HAD to tell, at least he should have done it for valid reasons like concern for the patients, the trial, the hospital, freaking ANYTHING of worth. I could have cut him some slack then, I could have even respected that decision - after all Meredith is actually out of line. But to tell because of a GIRL? That is clearly the only reason I see. He didn't tell when he first knew about it although he was really upset about it, he didn't tell during his interview with Owen, and he wouldn't have told anyone if Lucy hadn't turned on him. This is going to cause a serious rift in their friendship, to say the least. I don't actually like what Meredith did, it was short-sighted and a display of bad judgment, but at least she did it out of a positive impulse, out of the desire to help. Alex on the other hand was acting out of spite. I really despise his behaviour. On another note: I LOVE Mark and Lexie and just wish they'd get back together already. Mark is so right for Lexie, despite all their differences... Lexie is a mess most of the time, and Mark keeps her grounded. The way she looks at him, you can see how much she is yearning to just be back in his arms.
I don't wish anything bad for Jackson, he does seem to care about Lexie... but I haven't seen any real chemistry there, except for going at it practically everywhere in the house. That's hardly a relationship though. Last but not least: I love Owen. I just love him and how passionate he is, yet so reasonable and grounded and considerate. Also, his voice still rings in my head from the Music Event. I love Owen.


Okay, fist of all it's pretty obvious that Lexie is still inlove with Mark, I mean "and then you're thinking, i wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with that guy".(OMG that scene is so cute! and their other scene is so :))))) ) But she's still with Avery. so the big question is when is Mark/Lexie gonna happen? season finale? season 8? when?! haha I don't really like what cristina did. I mean i love her, but what's with all that? teddy will never forgive her now :| . speaking of teddy? why would she go to germany? and henry's question to her shock me :o i never thought he would ask her that. May i just say that i love the scene where they are jogging together. haha am i the only one who likes them? i wonder what would happen to them. And for Mer, i don't know. i hope she doesn't lose her job. but i'm afraid that she would lose Zola. Maybe the social worker would think that Mer doing things like that may be a sign of not really being a good mom. I hope not! And about the competition. we all know that its not gonna be cristina. and because of drunk alex, Mer will not also be the chief resident. so who do you think it is?


Arizona and Callie are newlyweds? Really? Because they act like friends, and not even BFFs. Callie ignored her, and Arizona happily trailed behind Mark and Callie like she was the nanny. Who is Callie married to again? Charlotte and Cooper acted like a newly married couple on PP, and these two don't even interact with one another. They got married, why again? I loved though that most of Arizona's scenes were without Callie or Mark. Thank goodness. It was nice to see Dr. Robbins again. I loved Cristina and all her Dr. Phil advice. Lucy taking the job was dumb. Is she even qualified? She's not a peds surgeon and isn't that what Arizona wrote the grant for? I hated drunk Alex telling on Meredith. She needed to come clean herself or at least I wish he would have told Cristina first. MerDer and Zola were too cute.


Two words, SUCKED ASS. Please just end the show already.

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