Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Review: "Unaccompanied Minor"

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With promises of a season finale that would solely focus on the three original characters, a much quieter ending, and only an hour to tie up any loose endings, Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up its seventh season in its classic, emotionally-charged fashion.

Although there was neither an unforgettable ferryboat accident nor a haunting shooting this year, "Unaccompanied Minor" held its own when a 757 crashed and required our SGMWH surgeons’ attention more than ever.

Furthermore, this remarkable season finale will go down as another to remember as the stakes were high and the emotional toll was unbelievably heavy.

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I can honestly say that I was shocked by the 757 crash storyline. I never expected to hear that nearly every passenger wouldn’t even make it to the hospital. The scene in which the families reacted to the bad news of losing their loved ones was heartbreaking.

As my tissue box sat inches away, I realized that I hadn’t needed it for Grey’s Anatomy in quite some time. Thankfully, the tissues with aloe still do just the trick.

It was such a moving and touching moment when the families stuck around to be there for the unaccompanied minor. Regardless of their circumstances, these strangers came together to be there for a young girl and her mother. That’s really saying something.

I loved the scene when MerDer were planning out where the baby room and crib should be. Although I am frustrated by the way things ended for MerDer on this episode, I get why Derek needed some time on his own.

Whether or not Meredith was helping Adele and Richard, she was dishonest and the Alzheimer’s trial was extremely important to him.

Something tells me that Derek will be back with his McFamily at the start of next season. Besides, how could he resist baby Zola? Also, how great is Meredith with Zola already?

Although Meredith kicked Alex out, I almost wished he had stayed. He would have been great helping Meredith with Zola.

There was much more baby discussion when Cristina found out that she was pregnant. Like Owen, I know precisely who Cristina is and how important her career is to her.

However, Owen was right in saying that she needed to at least consider what he wanted. The decision ought to have been made as a married couple.

Heck, he even offered to be the one on leave with the baby and repeatedly told her how much he loved her and wanted much more for them. Not surprisingly though, Cristina made an appointment to terminate her pregnancy.

Do you think that Cristina will really go through with her appointment? If so, is this the end for Owen and Cristina?

I can’t say that I was surprised when Owen finally chose April as the chief resident. With all that’s been going on, she was definitely a shoo-in. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will run the show.

Lil Grey

It drove me nuts when Lexie and Mark had their heartfelt talk. While I know that Jackson is very capable of making Lexie happy, I can’t help but to continuously root for Mark. Yes, this is whether or not he gives his blessing or simply lets Lexie walk away.

Then again, if you really love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If not, it wasn't meant to be. Right?! Surely, Mark has heard of that and still believes it. And you can’t simply just forget when someone says that they’re going to always love you.

While Henry finally confessed he was in love with Teddy, I was glad that she chose him over Andrew. Moreover, I was disappointed in Alex when he didn’t ask Lucy to stay. That’s Alex for you though. He’s down now, but I’m hoping he doesn’t go back to the jerk we once knew him as. He’s come such a long way now.

As Bailey and Eli walked off holding hands, I wished we had seen more of them recently. I hope their relationship continues to grow next season because I certainly have missed seeing Bailey. 

Overall, I thought “Unaccompanied Minor” was a fitting close to a very fickle season. After weddings, babies, a musical, and more, Shonda Rhimes definitely delivered as promised with a quieter than usual season finale focusing on Meredith, Cristina and Alex.

I, for one, couldn’t have asked for more. I am especially looking forward to what season eight holds for our Seattle Grace Mercy West doctors.

What did you all think of "Unaccompanied Minor"? What do you expect to see in season eight of Grey's Anatomy? Sound off below!


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I'm like 100% sure Addie only had to remove one of Chistina's Falopian Tubes, therefore making her still fertile. I went back and watched the epi and she says "lost a baby and A falopian tube..." Plus there would have been no medicle reason or senario for her to sever two tubes, because the a falopial ectopic pregnancy only occurs in one tube.


Am I like the only greys anatomy fan to fricken realise that christina became infertile in season 2 during her last pregnancy??
Addison had to sever both of her tubes!!!
But apart from the reversal of Christinas fertility a really good episode .. I think there should be maybe another spin off from greys following one character to another hospital ... Greys has been amazing I have loved it the whole way through but next season should be the last.


wow what an episode! so touching and moving even if over dramatic a bit. i hate the end that how everything gets destroyed again but hey, lets see what happens next! Grey's keeps getting better and better :)


I like the S7-final, so intense & moving Mer did a big mistake seriouly,the problem isn't Der should forgive her, but how to make sure she won't do it again
I hope Cristina will be an excellent surgeon and great mother in S8 only Alex's growing up in S7,Baily should find other better man, Mark should be alone, Please stop the C/A/M storytelling


Can anyone tell me the artist and name of the opening song in this final episode!! I love it and am having no luck finding it!! Any help is so very much appreciated!!


I have been very disappointed this season in how Callie and Arizona is portrayed as a couple. The threesome with Mark is painful. I don't mind Mark being tha father or anything, but it is about HOW they portary it:''one big happy polygamous family'' and Arizona as not a real parent/family but only a doormat and the third wheel. They don't allow Callie and Arizona any couple interaction scenes or family scenes with Sofia. There have been way too many CAM scenes. Clearly Callie and Arizona are not treated equally to other couples on the show. After the wedding C/A haven't had any newlywes interaction, shown any love or affection. They haven't even spoken together! ALL other couples of GA have had post wedding moments. C/A is the only couple who have not in 7 years of this show. The message they are sending is that the C/A relationship is not equal, and that it is not okay to show them being affectionate, loving or intimate. I don’t understand why Callie and Arizona were not included in the end of the FINALE. Every other couple was shown. MerDer and Crowen not so happy. Bailey and Teddy had happy moments with their guys, yay! But where was C/A happy couple moment? Maybe they're not happy? Maybe Az is crying every night because of the horrible threesome she finds herself in? We don't know, because we haven't had one single moment with C/A after they got married. In season 8, if they say C/A is a couple, they need to show them as a couple! Truthfully and with respect. This means less CAM - one big happy family scenes, more C/A couple interaction scenes and family scenes with Sofia. Arizona needs to be respected and recognized by Callie and treated equally as a mom/family. If they cannot do this, please just BREAK UP Callie and Arizona.


To be honest, I didn't like this episode. And I'm a big GA-fan. I defended the series and Shonda many times on messageboards, facebook, twitter. But I'm so disappointed about this finale! I think some mistakes were made with some characters, making them less "believable" for me. - First of all, Christina is our highly intelligent control freak, who doesn't want a baby but got knocked up for the second time. Ever heard of birth control? I'm pretty sure she knows about those little pills that prevent her from being pregnant. And yes, of course, she works all the time, so she would probably forget a pill every now and then, but there are so many more options. You can even get a little chip in your arm preventing you from getting pregnant. In short: the very smart girl gets knocked up AGAIN? - Second; Derek not taking up his phone. The man is now a father (and his dream came true the moment he became one), so if his wife calls him that many times, it is possible there's something wrong with his child. Meredith was never the kind of girl that would call him a hundred times just to ask him to "please come back" 'cause she loves him. Derek is a very smart man, he knows better. - Thirth: Alex is angry again. And that's ok. But let him be an angry Alex that learned so much the past few years. Don't let him be angry like he was in the first season. He's much wiser now. Use it! (Alex telling Owen he should have been chief resident after spilling Merediths secret to him doesn't make sense) - Fourth: The way they get rid of Lucy feels very forced to me. I know she will play a Charlie's Angel next season so she had to leave soon, but it feels very unreal this way. "Forced" describes pretty much what I thought about the finale. It was a final episode so they had to add some drama and give this season a very open ending. This season was a lot about growth. People grew stronger, relations grew tighter. But in the last episode al the growth vanished just to create the season-finale-drama. It's hard for me to find the right words because my english isn't really good, but I hope you guys understand what I mean. Finally, I would like to say there were also things I liked about the finale. Kevin McKidd is such an amazing actor. The Owen-Christina-scenes felt so true and so real. You could almost feel the love Owen already seemed to feel for his unborn baby. I also loved the scenes of Meredith with little Zola. You could see the change in Mer the moment she took Zola home. She became a mom, teaming up with her baby, ready to fight for her and making Zola her first priority from that moment on. Please remember; this is just my opinion, and I'm pretty sure most people will not agree with me. I'm a big Greys fan, and I will surely watch the next season. But this episode felt "weird" to me. ;)


Sure Christina is selfish and strong, but Owen is not negotiating either - he keeps saying he loves her to manipulate Christina to do what he wants. For him the only right choice Christina can make is to have a baby. I do not see this relationship to continue, after Burke story in season 3 Christina won't let anyone "to take something from her" and change her into someone else. Owen will leave, but I think the kiss Avery once snaked at the party will have continuation and Christina might be with Avery after all. Owen is not needed for the plot any more, Teddy is falling in love with Henry (and actor Kevin McKidd probably has other good offers already).


I think April is destined for Stark, she really liked him and it was Karev who ruined it because he wanted to get back at Stark. I am looking forward to April/Stark relationship continued.


Another Season has come to an end....I think Season 7 was a great season. The finale was good as it focused on three of the original residents and gave us some closure to a number of storylines while setting the stage for season 8. I agree that even if a number of the original cast members exercise their right to leave the show, this does not mean the end of Grey's. Why would it? You have great talents like Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshow, Chandra Wilson, Kim Raver, Chyler Leight, Eric Dane, Kevin McKidd, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams, whose characters have so many stories yet to tell. While I love Mer/Der/Bailey/Richard Webber/Karev and Yang, Grey's is not just about one or two characters and it really isn't just about the original residents. This show has an incredible ensemble cast and each and every actor deserves the opportunity to shine. When George Clooney left ER followed by Julianna Marguiles people thought that would be the end of the show, well it not only survived it went on for additional 6 or 7 years. I hope Shonda keeps pumping out the storylines for all the characters on the show equally. So what's gonna happen in Season 8....Well.... Mer/Der - Mer is all about life should be fair (not everything is black or white) and she acts upon her gut instinct. Der is a by the book kinda guy...They are each other's Ying and Yang(no pun intended). They will survive Mer's actions with the Alzheimer's trial, Derek just neets time to forgive. This is why they are so good together... Owen/Yang - I think Yang terminates her pregnancy, which Owen can't forgive thus ending their marriage. Yang promised herself to never lose herself again totally in another man (like she did with Burke) so she's exercising her right to choose. Owen tried to control her earlier in the season if you remember. That was such a powerful scene between the two of them when Yang opened up about her relationship with Burke. Alas I do believe that they do love each other and will come together by the end of Season 8. Lexie/Mark - I think Lexie will mature alot in Season 8 and will realize that while Avery is someone she cares about, her true love is Mark and she will return to him. As Mark sees Callie and Arizona move on with their lives, he will realize just how much he really wants and needs Lexie in his life. They will be drawn to each other during Season 8. Avery/April/Karev Triangle - With April now as Chief Resident she will be seen in a different light by the other residents especially Avery and Karev. Luci has left town and although Karev has bounced around from bad boy to loving husband he too will mature this season. Avery will realize that Lexie's heart belongs to Mark and like he said, 'he's not the kind of guy that waits around while she decides who she loves.' Bailey and Eli - it would be so nice to see Bailey and Eli's relationship move onto a more serious level. Of course if Ben returns to the show, hmmm possibility of some sparks flying. She could very well take over as Chief of Surgery if Richard decides to retire or spend more time taking care of Adele. Richard/Adele - It would be interesting to see if the drug administered to Adele has some success, albeit shortlived. I see alot of powerful and gut wrenching scenes between Richard, Adele, Mer/Der and Baily in season 8. Does he fall off the wagon again?? The Alzheimer storyline has so much potential. Callie and Arizona (who are as Shonda says MFEO) - although people seem to think these two were the focal point of season 7 (I don't agree)they did have some strong episodes devoted to their storyline. I think that there's a lot to Arizona that we haven't yet seen like her past, which could make for some interesting times for them both. I think if there's going to be some challenges in their relationship people would get tired of seeing Callie end up in Mark's bed. If that happens it just means that Callie has not matured and can't handle conflict very well. Most marriages whether between same sex partners or not have ups and downs which do not always result in one cheating on the other. If you're going to have that then what about Arizona stepping out and seeing where that action takes them. Would Callie and Arizona survive if Arizona cheated on Callie with someone from her past? I think so as they've both realized just how much in love they are with each other. If not, then Callie would not have gone though with the marriage since you know how much her mother means to her. Instead she chose to share a life with her true love and her daughter. Her family!!! Shonda, don't break them up again, three times is too many and too over used. Teddy - Can't wait to see how Teddy's marriage progresses. Loved that she confessed her feelings at the end. But will Owen interfere and if Owen and Yang break up, will Teddy pursue Owen?? Looking forward to September....

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.


Teddy: I'm not a real wife so that doesn't buy for a lot of bad behavior.
Henry: Well, you're my real best friend. What does that get me?
Teddy; I'm sorry.
Henry: Don't be. Go be happy. And... raah!
Teddy: You're impossible.
Henry: Yeah, you too.

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 22 Music

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Song Way To the Future Katie Herzig
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