House: Picked Up for Season 8

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Despite consistently strong ratings and despite its presence as an anchor for Fox on Monday nights, House has actually not yet been renewed by the network.

But the final steps toward this seemingly inevitable development have been taken, as TV Line confirms stars Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps have signed new deals for what will likely be the show's final season.

What's the craziest thing House could do? This promo for the May 16 episode teases the answer to that question.

In April, Leonard hinted that he may not return to the series full-time, but that concern for fans has now been alleviated. Lisa Edelstein is now the only regular without a deal for 2011-2012.

That ought to change any day now, however.

UPDATE: Fox has officially picked House up for season right. Also, the contracts of Leonard and Epps call for them to appear in 18 out of 22 episode.

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Ill admit the shows best moments have gone to past,but however views don't lie averaging 10mil a episode that is down 20% or so from season 7 this show is still better than anything else on tv. And that is due to the acting not the writing. I am not happy that fox is to cheap to pay Lisa more cash, but maybe it will give the writers something else to write about. Also 18 out of 22 episodes for Omar and Leonard leaves me thinking that this will be their final season and most likely the last season for house. Which sucks but all good shows gotta end sometime


dayyyum house, get ya act togeta.
cuttin ya own leg, it looks like horror saw
things gettin crazy and messed up, house ya better dont die


It's official. According to next week's promo: House is an idiot.


Me: WTF + Cuddy's expression at the end of the promo


no lisa edelstein? whaaat
house trusts on rats? whaaat
house cutting his own leg? whaaat this isnt house anymore


After season 4 I though the show went down hill


''WTF?!'' is the only thing i can think about... is he cutting his leg?!

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