House Season Finale Reaction: A Major Lashing Out

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Yes, House fans, that really happened.

In reaction to the shocking events on last night's season finale, creator David Shore makes it clear in a new interview: House really did drive a car through Cuddy''s living room. Why?

House Season Finale Scene

"I’ve always thought House was capable of killing people close to him," Shore laughed to TV Line. "That’s not to say he was ever going to do it, and I don’t think he would. And even in that moment, I don’t think he wanted to kill anybody. But who knows? Probably part of his mind did. It was a lashing out - a very extreme lashing out. I don’t think it was a murderous lashing out."

Read the full interview with Shore - in which he says nothing in the finale was written with Lisa Edelstein's possible exit in mind - at TV Line now.

And continue to react to the cliffhanger below: It was...

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'Ruined House as a character'? Can everyone lay off the writers please? Sure, it was a little over the top and I would have preferred it to be presented in a way that made me understand House's actions instead of being shocked by them, but the amount of negativity being thrown at the writers is unprecedented. Let's not forget that these are the people who made us fall in love with the show in the first place. We've had 7 seasons surrounding the same character, can you imagine how difficult it must be to portray him well enough to keep people interested without doing stunts. All some people can focus on are the flaws, not the things that keep us all coming back week after week. It wasn't one of the better finales, in my opinion, but I still love House and appreciate all the hard work that's gone into making the show what it is.


@tv geek, really? spelling hullenate?


@ please
I agree 100 prcnt with you!


This poll.... these options... I CAN'T EVEN...
And David Shore didn't need to explain that the crash was not murderous lashing out. That was PERFECTLY CLEAR and PORTRAYED. Except for the people who are always trying to make a big deal outta nothing...


did he hullenate at the end? or was the beach real 2? i like the happy sarcastic house, the dark house makes me wonder y i watch the show. still waiting 4 season 8 though!! i hope 14 gets 2gether again, they had a nice moment over the "new yorker" thing.

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