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How Far Will McGarrett Go on Hawaii Five-O?

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Someone will die on the Hawaii Five-O season finale. This much we know.

But executive producer Peter Lenkov teases to TV Guide that Steve McGarrett might play a key role in the demise of this unnamed character. Could the detective's obsession with Wo Fat prove costly?

McGarrett on the Loose

"McGarrett is a guy who goes to extremes," Lenkov says. "I think he's going to go further than he's gone all season and he's going to be very reckless."

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If they wanted to get smash hit ratings, they would bring Charlie Sheen on as a good guy friend, who gets killed off in the final episode, wearing his lucky bowling shirt.
Short of that, the odds heavily favor Terry O Quinn getting killed off in the crossfire, and the episode ending with a close up of his eyes closing.


Going to extremes? You mean he's finally going to eat Spam?

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

You remember me? About three years ago, you put some bullets into a friend of mine.

Steve McGarrett

What happened to you, Mom? What happened to the woman who used to make fried bologna sandwiches, and was on the PTA, and showed me how to paddle an outrigger, and used to teach me magic tricks? Where'd you go?

Steve McGarrett
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