Julian Morris as Wren: Returning to Pretty Little Liars!

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Wren is coming back to Rosewood.

Julian Morris will reprise the role of Melissa's former fiance (the one who smooched Spencer!) on season two of Pretty Little Liars, the actor confirmed via Twitter. When we last saw the character, he was leaving town after Melissa discovered his dalliance with her sister.

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Poster

What brings him back? Is it for Melissa? Spencer? Or something/someone else? All we know is that we'll be tuning in to the June 14 season two premiere to find out more!

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Wren left Rosewood after Melissa found out and called off the engagement. Before he left, he told Spencer he wished he had met her first.

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I LUVVVV WREN !!!!!!!! he is cute and he`s awesome !


He better not mess up Spencer and Toby or he will have to deal with me.


Welcome back, Wren. But if you mess up Spencer and Toby then I'll probably hate you.


I hate Wren.

Rhianna speranzo

uh oh this might ruin the Spoby thing. (yes i call them Spoby :P)but wren is much sexier


I'm so happy that we're gonna be able to see Julian Morris back as Wren. Let's see how Spencer, Toby and Melissa will react.


They don´t say they follow the books it says that it´s based upon on the pretty little liars book series


I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars don't get me wrong, but I think they should stop saying that they're following the books. The only thing they've kept unchanged is the name of the caracters.


Hmm, I never liked Wren. But as long as he doesn't interfere with Toby&Spencer than I will be able to tolerate him lol

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