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Justified Season 3 Scoop: The Future of Ava, Raylan and More

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A murder. A suicide. And a main character fighting for her life.

The season two finale of Justified left jaws dropped and viewers stunned around the country. How will various events impact season three of this fantastic FX drama? Among other questions, that's what TV Guide asked producer Ned Yost...

Timothy Olyphant in "Reckoning"

Will Ava survive? I would be very surprised if Ava wasn't in the show. We love Joelle, and we love Ava.

What will Winona's pregnancy mean? We honestly don't know where we're going with that. We'll figure it out. We just thought it was a good complication.

What is Raylan's professional future? I can pretty much guarantee you that he will be a Marshal. That's our show, but [people] do go through these things in life, where you think, "I'm just going to chuck it all and move to Vermont." We all get those moments, and we wanted to explore that.

Any more season three spoilers? We spent a whole season getting Boyd back to being Boyd. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves looking again in a more concentrated way at the Boyd-and-Raylan relationship. Their stories ran parallel this season. But if we don't do it in Season 3 and if the heavens allow a Season 4, at some point it's got to come back to Raylan and Boyd.

Visit the official TV Guide website to read the full interview with Yost.

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Please bring Mags back. She is great. Also, Raylan and Boyd do a great job. Like the chemistry of Boyd & Ava, but I really liked her w/Raylan. Don't change the show! You've got a hit with this one the way it is now!


I just love Raylan and Boyd (loved Coggins in Shield) and Meg, Ava & Winona - but I just saw Winona on Person of Interest, didn't I? Does that mean she is off the show? When does this series start again?


I love this show. I'm very anxious to season 3. I also would love to see mags come back( maybe she didn't die) I also love Raylon and Boyd, very sexy men. Boyd and Ava are a very romantic couple, I hope to see more of them. Please hurry and bring this show back!


Love this show. Do not change anything. I'm sure, though with Graham Yost and Olyphant on board, Justified is not going to get messed up. I want to see Ava stay on with Boyd and do believe that Boyd is somewhat changed although still true to himself. Winona represents Raylan's Daisy Buchanan, but I do want them to stay together. He loves her although as demonstrated by her betrayal of their marriage and by her stealing the money, he cannot trust her. He wants her to have his baby though. Remember the final scene in "The Life Inside?" They have great chemistry. Cannot wait for Season 3.


Very eager to begin 3rd season, but please don't start without Megs. She's great! The whole cast is good & I don't think we can do without any of them. Raylan's hat deserves a star of its own.


The dialogue on this show is superb. Please tell us when it is returning.


it's looking like we may have to wait to early 2012 - no set date yet.


How about a start day and time. Best show on TV


Haven't heard of a start date for season 3...hope that's not a bad omen! lol
Please revive Megs...we love her...what a great actress, to play her part. What a great job of choosing the perfect actors to play the parts in Justified...can't wait to see season 3.


Whan is season 3 going to start? I have not heard a peep. Please do not cancel the best show ever on TV