Kevin Williamson Teases "Huge Twist" on Vampire Diaries Season 3 Premiere

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With fans still digesting the season two finale of The Vampire Diaries - Delena kissed?!? Jeremy can see dead people?!? - producer Kevin Williamson is here to already tease the September premiere of season three.

"We have a huge twist already planned for the first episode that explains why Klaus was so interested in Stefan," Williamson tells The New York Post in a new interview. "There’s another element to Klaus and what he’s about that you don’t know yet."

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As for other season three teases...

Will we meet more Originals? Oh, yes. "We’re going to find out who they are, what they’re about, how The Salvatores are intertwined with them... There’s a big story here. There’s a whole third season of plot we get to mine through these fascinating characters. They’ll show up and hopefully be just as delicious as Klaus & Elijah turned out to be."

Are Anna and Vicki ghosts? "No. But if you are thinking ghosts, that is the appropriate place to start."

What about Damon and Elena? "Damon is in a place where he never wanted to be. If he didn’t like playing hero this year, what’s going to happen when he’s forced to do the right thing and save his brother? For Elena, after two seasons of loving her as a strong female figure, I think the audience will now finally hopefully be receptive seeing her buy into what Katherine said, that it’s ok for Elena to love both Stefan and Damon."

Anything he can reveal about his upcoming series, Secret Circle? "Brittany and Thomas Dekker are so good! I was shocked because he wasn’t interested in doing a TV show, much less a CW show. He’s an indie, quirky film guy – but Thomas is really, really good on this show. We were on-set, saying that he turned out even better than we thought. He and Brittany together have incredible chemistry. It’s fun."


Wow...What a season. I cannot wait for September. TVD just goes from strength to strength. Such great story telling, and wonderful rich characters. Keep up the great work.


For Season 3.
I wish Stefan just acts bad, just to be able to take down Klaus from the inside.
I just hope that Delena comes to be just a Mirage in the new season 3 episodes to come and Elena comes to know that her real true love is Stefan.
BUT...As this Delena thing starts, Im really seeing pain and unhappiness for all 3 of them.And Ultimately, all three will be parting ways as nothing would be the same. Stelena will not be as it was at start, and Delena will not be as there will still be Stefan's in Elena's Heart.
Im Really impatient to know what will be up with Vicki, Anna and Jeremy thing.


If Vicki and Anna are not ghosts.....than maybe it's this. Maybe Jeremy is really dead. But, he can talk to everyone still. They think he is alive but he isn't. Because of this Vicki and Anna aren't ghosts but in his "dead world" they are alive. OR ALTERNATE UNIVERSE that is coinciding with his normal universe. He sees both when usually you get one or the other. OMG BRING THE PARENTS BACK!


i love this show. stefan and elena were good together but i think that stefan always got the girls. so, i think that damond show have a shot and if it was meant for stefan and elena then it will be. i think u can love two ppl at exiceted to see the new season in the fall and see more on the other cast too.


The more I read these things, the more I wish it was September already.


I hope they don't have Elena going back and forth with Stefan and Damon. I don't believe you can love 2 people the same,there is always one that you feel more for, it would not make Elena look good, it would seem like she is using them both. If she is attracted to Damon, then let her go with him, but not behind Stefan's back, let her be open about it. I don't think Klaus has designs on Stefan, I think he has other plans for him, probably to do with his family. I liked Jeremy best with Anna, if they are not ghosts ,then it could be a problem for Bonnie, and what about Tyler, he liked Vicki too.


@isis i know it is about a love triangle.. so what ur sayin is if the show goes on for 8 seasons u wud be perfectly content wit the triangle all the seasons? the triangle is boring the female in it is boring and does the show hav to be called witch diaries to see some witch background? we got sum werewolf story is it called wolf boys? and someone said bonnie has been blah the only reason for this..she is in 2 episode for 5 mins and then missing 2 episodes after.. u never see any emotions form her he family life not even her friggin room... lol..wen her grams died the perfect time to c her break down she went missing for 5 episodes..wen she set damon on fire we barely got a reasoning behind it..i jus need to c her side of things or her family thas all i want.. thank u.


Ask much as I like Damon, I hope Elena doesn't get with him. It will be like so many shows with people bedding hoping with each other & back again. Isn't Damon more interesting with the unrequited love...?


Irene, you honestly think Bonnie and Jeremy are the perfect couple. Are you insane? They were only put together because neither of them had any other people to hook up with on the show lol.
Whatever, it's like putting Bonnie and Matt together. lol. It's just odd. Sidenote, so glad about Anna and Viki not being ghosts. Interesting. Even though I don't like Vicki. Actually, I hate her but that's not the point. It shall be interesting to play out. Along with the Originals :)


Soraya, I'd rather see background on Caroline and the Salatores. For some reason Bonnies always been kinda blah for me. I do love her and Jeremy tho.

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