Lucy Hale Previews Season 2 Love Triangle on Pretty Little Liars

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Consider yourselves warned, Aria and Ezra 'shippers: you may not love everything about season two of Pretty Little Liars.

In an interview at the ABC Family Upfronts on Sunday, Lucy Hale said that the June 14 premiere will pick up immediately following events from the first season finale; that Ezra is teaching in Pennsylvania so it's fine for him and Aria to date; but...

"There's a love triangle. There's someone else that catches Aria's eye who is more age-appropriate. And she's just dealing with her brother. What we're filming now is Aria's little brother rebelling a lot and in a major way - that's another thing to add to the whole mixture of her crazy life."

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Who will be the third side in this triangle? Hale simply said it would NOT be Noel, even though Brant Daugherty will reprise that role on season two.

Get your first look at what's to come next month via this official promo.

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It better be a good love triangle or I will not be happy if they decide to force the chemistry of Aria and the other guy when Ezria have great chemistry.


I haven't seen this show. But I've seen Lucy in Bionic Woman and Priviledge and found her to be charming and a talented actor. I'd like to see her as a major character in a dramatic movie sometime soon.

Rhianna speranzo

ali's brother jason!!


say it isn't so! Aria and Ezra are so amazing. this new guy better be earth-shattering or else i'm going to be upset. hopefully they will have the guy be the person that is understanding instead of judging her which i'm sure her peers and her parents will do. they could become friends and theyre relationship would grow from there. especially if ezra is distant with the new job or if he messes up somehow. thats the only way i would happy with the triangle forming.


I think it'll be interesting to see that. I feel like something Aria will be struggling with is the pressure to be with someone more age appropriate. Now that she's coming out on her relationship with Ezra, it's possible that her peers (or more likely her parents) will not be a fan of the relationship. So that kind of pressure could push her to be being with someone else.

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