Major Drama, Tragedy Ahead on The Secret Life of the American Teenager

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Spoiler Warning: Stop reading now if you don't want to learn what major event takes place on the June 6 episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Okay? Prepared for serious intel? Following next week's two-hour wedding event, a tragedy will strike Adrian and Ben: the couple will lose its baby.

Or Not To Be Scene

“The possibility is so far outside the realm of what Adrian and Ben are thinking that they won’t see it coming,” creator Brenda Hampton says to EW. “She’s taken good care of herself, she’s done all the right things, but... these things happen. I think even though viewers are going to know what is going to happen, they too will be overwhelmed with emotion.”

What impact will this development have on the show's main characters?

Explaining how this is "one of the consequences of unprotected sex," Hampton says Adrian “will go from depressed to angry to acting as if it never happened to finally allowing herself to accept the loss, as well as deal with her past and why she has made the choices she’s made in her life.

"Then she’ll have to decide whether or not she wants to continue to make bad choices or learn and grow from the experience. Is the experience going to mean nothing, in other words, or will it transform her?”

Heavy stuff, indeed. Prepare yourself, Secret Life fans.

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Uhh... Just because a girl eats junk food doesn't mean she's more likely to have a stillborn. you sound absolutely fucking retarded. I have a son. I ate junk food ALL the damn time. He came out healthy without any problems! Some people need to seriously think before they speak...


I'm sorry to say, but ever since we found out that Adrian's pregnancy I didn't think that it would follow through. It's just sad that it happened so late in her pregnancy.


It is going to be a very sad episode. I actually thought that she would miscarry earlier in her pregnancy bc I couldn't see the show having the same outcome for both teenage pregnancies. It will be sad and hard to watch but it happens and there is nothing wrong with the show telling that. A friend of mine was just a week or so away from her due date when she said she knew something was wrong - and she ended up having a stillborn. It was incredibly sad but this does happen. FYI - I'm also an older viewer (32) but I can't help but loving this show!


i didnt see that comming. i thought for sure that she would have the baby early and the baby turn out to be rickys not bens. but it is sad to see that happen though.


I'm a older viewer and I know Ben and Adrian should not have married each other so young. She needs her mom to take care of her. You see the junk food she ate during her pregnancy. Cause her mom was never their. Or her dad. And that's what is happening with most teens. The two hour wedding episode showed that. She isn't ready to live alone. But if her mom was their. More likely chance she would have been healthier. She wanted it her way. Ben is also naive. Their too young.


Im also an older viewer(I am 25). I have been with the show since episode one and this season has been the biggest shocker. I agree that Adrian and Ben have been god for each other as have Ricky and Amy for each other. This is saddening to me that they lose the baby but I agree it was time to shake up the show. I really hope that it gives off the lesson to other teens out there watching that when you get knocked up in highschool, that things do not turn into a fairy tale! Life gets rough and bad things happen to even good people. Next week is most def going to be a tear jearker.


I honestly did not see this coming! And when I saw the preview, I thought maybe Adrain, herself, would die and then Ben would be left alone with the baby. But I think this is a great idea. Sad, yes.. Hard, yes. I am an older watcher (27), as well as most whom have commented... And it shows the younger viewers and kids who are having sex it is NOT a fairy tale. I am thankful I was a virgin throughout high school. Wish teens would make the same decision. But for ones who don't, should be watching Secret Life. It's going to teach a good life lesson.


I thought this might happen. I'm an older viewer of the show (27) and I think it's good that they are teaching teens that not everything goes according to plan. If Adrian and Ben had waited to get married as Leo had wanted then they wouldn't have been married when they lose the baby and wouldn't have to worry so much about whether or not they even want to stay married to each other since they obviously only got married since she was pregnant. Happy endings do not always happen they way they are portrayed on TV. I think it's good to have something like this written in, which yes it's sad to think about it is something that happens.


I love this show & watch it every week...but next weeks episode is going to be very hard to watch. I cry every time the preview plays. I am 22 weeks pregnant & worry about this happening to my baby...I can't believe they are putting this on the show. It just breaks my heart just thinking about it:( Don't know if i will be able to watch next's weeks episode now:/


I am a mother of 5. I have lost a baby and for them to put this on there it is hard. Why would they do it this way? My 18 and 16 year old thought the unbelievable and thought that the baby and Adrian would die. Just because they all was very upset and acting the way they was.