It's Graduation Day
How are Ben, Amy, and Ricky handling graduation day on the series finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? "Thank You and Goodbye is the 12th episode of the show's sixth season.

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The ending wasn't loving happy ending but it's reality. It's good that they showed teen moms that u can be a teen mom and still pursue your career and education. If you are truly meant to be with someone it will happen. Ricky changed a lot for John and himself which was very inspirational. But they weren't in love or even liked each other when they first met. Most of time in the end if they really love each other they will be together but good for them for standing their ground. Love will always be there till the end of time even if a break is needed in between love will find its way. God is love. Love never fails even thru trials and challenges. Hopefully there is a reunion or some sort where Ricky and Amy are in the careers they dream of and end up together not got John but because they truly are in love with one another

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

High school has not been kind to you either.

Amy [to Ben]

It took a long long time for me to grow up, so I'm sorry if you got hurt along the way.

George [to Amy]