Nikita Season Finale Review: "Pandora"

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Although last week felt like a season finale, this episode of Nikita provided closure, as well as plenty of open-ended storylines with which to begin the sophomore season. Let’s all cross our fingers like Birkhoff and hope one actually arrives!

Now, let’s break down "Pandora" character by character ...

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Nikita managed to save the day and take off with Michael after Rome flushed her system of the toxin Alex injected to make her appear dead.

Her main mission in "Pandora" was to keep the CIA from cracking “operation sparrow,” which would then leave everyone in the room dead. However, she saved Fletcher, who she promised to bail out of prison for the injuring the guard and compromising his superior.

Nikita also had to let Alex go, which was hard for her. We learned that although she neglected to follow orders, Nikita was told to make sure that Alex died, along with her family, in the tragic fire.

Alex cut the cord from Nikita, figuratively and literally.

Her kill chip is deactivated, thanks to Amanda. Alex is now possibly joining forces with the government that funds Division, or used to. It seems Amanda is now in charge of things, as Percy was nowhere to be seen in the final scene.

Amanda promised Alex that they are both after the same person, the person who now runs her father's Zetrov dynasty.

Amanda fixed her hair before injecting Alex’s heart with adrenaline to revive her. Only Amanda would do that, with a straight, voided face to boot. After deactivating her kill chip, she instructed Alex to leave Division.

She said not to run back to Nikita, but that she was free to go and Percy would be dealt with. Melinda Clarke really shined in the finale, showing emotion when she mentioned how she tried to keep Nikita inside of Division, and wouldn’t do the same to Alex.

She also helped Alex see what a strong woman she was to have survived all that she had, and that she wanted to live.

Michael had the chance to kill Percy and didn’t take it.

I’m still not sure what Amanda has done with Percy, but Michael not killing him gave me the same feeling as when he was denied the murder of Kasim.

That kill would have been epic, but then the bad guy would have been dead and there’s no fun in that. At least he got a good black-box hit in, and how ironic is it that Percy gets slammed in the face with the one thing he’s done everything to protect?

Percy decided that he wanted to run the CIA, and that he was the only person who knew how to run the country. I loved the little tidbit of him picking up his drink when he left the table of officials. He’s not stupid; anyone would drug him if they had the chance.

Percy’s demand to Oversight for control left him in Amanda-land, and who knows where he will end up.

Birkhoff defied Percy, and let Michael out of his holding cell without authorization. While I love Birkhoff’s character for his witty one-liners and comedic relief, it was great to see his character develop and really stick up for himself.

Birkhoff also decoded the real black box for Michael, even though he knew doing so had grave consequences for everyone, himself included. He also knew that Nikita needed Michael out there, and we all know he loves Nikki.

All in all, a great season finale. The only thing missing was Devon Sawa’s character, Owen. He has a lot of potential, and we can only hope to see him assist Nikita and Michael next season.

Let’s all hope Nikita gets picked up for another season! Sound off on last night's finale here!


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Nikita keep d gud wrk goin. U, micho, birkof, Alex most bring dwn division. Wen is season 3 coming out?


Who on earth doesnt like &love nikita???????????????? am so thrilled by this show...awesome!!!!


I totally agree with Emmalee,,I love to see more of Nikita,,,,sometimes,,,(this time less Amanda) I so hate Amanda's character( But I love, Amanda's body..ahahah)- its like she is the most influential person with regard to Alex....


AMAZING show and Finale was so incredible and EPIC. It's like watching a movie every episode. I can't get enough of this show and will be buying the DVD and watching it all over again until (crossing my fingers) SEASON 2 !!


i deffinetely think there should be a season 2 i love the season 2 though they should have alex kill her new target like they said at the end but not take back the empire because in the episode echoes you see her after they took down division that she was running the empire and she didnt like that version of her self so in season 2 they should have her find the guy kill him and then start working with nikita and them again not taking back the empire.REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE THERE'S A SEASON 2


I loved the episode and its twists the writers have improved so much since the start, I like how its more serialized not instead of being stand alones before. But still some major flaws, like why didnt the people just snipe Nikkita from afar in her apartment? And I'd have liked to have had atleast a tease of a Nikkita and Alex smackdown before they were interupted, guess thats for next season. Im sure it will get picked up, I mean you can't keep 90210 and GG and cancel Nikita. Doesnt make sense.


Are the CW crazy? Why haven't they renewed yet. The finale was explosive. I couldn't get enough. I went to bed so late cos I watched it three times. What is up with the CW network? I only starting watch CW cos this show aired, then because it was on around the same times I watched Vampire Diaries. But if there is no Nikita then CW can kiss ass. I won't bother. They are so caught up in renewing their teen dramas which have suck ass ratings compared to Nikita. GG, Hellcats (granted they haven't renewd this and probs won't), 90210 what? Nikita is an amazing show and needs to be renewed ASAP!


I loved the whole episode. It was so epic. I enjoyed every single second. Leaving at the edge of my seat. I was squealed when Nikita revived and threw acid in Roan's face. Love how he went off screaming must have stung like a *****
Michael/Birkhoff/Nikita or should I say Mikey/Nerd/Nikki I adored their screen. It was so smart, witty and adorable. The old team back together again just like old times.
Michael & Percy I love the fact he hit him with the box and looked badass doing so.
Alberta Watson I loved her appearance is it greedy to want more of her.
Ryan really shined as he saved the day in a very comical way.
So many unanswered questions where is badman Percy? Is Amanda the new boss in town? Michael and Nikita are headed for one epic battle the storm foreshaodws it! Where is shadow walker did he give a finger to Division or is he crossing his fingers behind his back? I just need a season 2. We need a season 2. It has to happen
I can't even think of the possibility of not having one. Gosh, if so I'm done with CW. Season 2 has to happen!
I need more Mikita. More badass fights and action. More mystery and drama. More Birkhoff and last but not frickin least in any way MORE OWEN!!!!!!!!!


ok the season finale was so amazing there were tons of big shockers and i cant wait for season 2.there are a few things im still wondering like what happened to percy,how did alex get off the roof and everything said a main character died but who was the character the only main character that i saw get killed was alex but then she came back to life.i cant wait for season 2 i want to know what nikita and michael are going to do with the black box,i also want to know if alex helps amanda and the other people or if she goes off on her own,and i want to know what happened to season 2 alex and nikita will probably meet up again at some point because there both the main characters and the show ended with alex not trusting nikita anymore so season 2 should be amazing.i was shocked to see amanda save alex's life and let her go and leave division.somthing i've been wondering is that percy amanda and intersite all know alex is really alexandra but does michael cause you never actually see hime find out about it.alex is my favorite character and can't wait to see what she does in season 2.this and the vampire diaries are my 2 favorite shows in the world i love nikita.really really really want to see what happens in season 2.cant wait.


Ok, THAT.WAS.AMZAING i dont like the fact that poeple are like it shoud be cancelled. i mean ok , say that you dont like but others do so dont wish for the show to be over for everyone like change the channel; or something SHEESH

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