Patrick Dempsey Confirms Grey's Anatomy Departure

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Start planning your going away party, Grey's Anatomy viewers: Patrick Dempsey will exit the show after next season.

With just one year remaining on his contract, the actor made his intentions clear in an interview with the latest issue of Italian Vanity Fair. He told the magazine:

“It’s gonna be my last. I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done," adding that the decision is “bittersweet because it’s been great and a great part of my life. But I can’t see me doing it anymore.”

D-Shep: The Man

Shonda Rimes has been preparing to bid farewell to both Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo after season eight, though the latter is yet to give official notification.

At least the creator now has time to plan our an official goodbye for Derek. What do you think? Does this guarantee Meredith leaves with him? Sound off now and react to Dempsey's announcement...

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all of you all are saying that the rest of the cast just any good.Only mer/der are the only ones that can act.EP or PD was well known til they was casted for greys.The show made them.You think its going to be easy to do movies i mean top rated ones.Don't want to bust all of you all bubble its not easy.I feel the other cast memebers is just as good or better.Iam going to still watch the show no matter what.I dont feel two people is the whole show.Unless the show is based only on them.I enjoy all of the cast memebers.I like some better then others.Thats all good.Stop whinning about every thing.If you choose not to watch dont,you have that right.


I want to see Alex karev shirtless again, he's so hot. And they should have shown him actually giving his "contribution" in the cup for Izzie's eggs. He's incredibly sexy


I'm sure most of the actors are tired of doing this show. This season was absolutely the worst of all. No storyline that was interesting; characters boring and I was looking forward to the commercials instead of watching the show. It's time .. the writer's must be exhausted trying to come up with something new every episode and the characters all appear to be going through the motions instead of really being into the script. Sandra Oh has just gotten worse with each year and this was her worst acting (if you can call it that) ever. Goodbye Grey's - it was fun while it lasted.


The show has been crap for years. They are jumping off ship. The show lost focus years ago but this past season was just embarrassing. Callie and Arizona to that idiot Hunt the show is going down the tubes. You can thank the writes who care more making a statement with all the creating of gay relationships than truly following the heartbeat of the show.


My heart has sunk at this official statement from Patrick! I still have hope that the powers that be can talk Patrick and Ellen into staying one more year. I will not have any interest in watching Grey's without MerDer. If they do leave Grey's, I beg Shonda to let them have a happy ending leaving the show together. The fans will have 8 years invested in this couple and we want a happy ending for them. Maybe Mer gets pregnant and they go live by Derek's family in New York so their kids could be near aunts and cousins. Give them the happily ever after!! Meredith and Derek need to leave together as they belong together! Made for each other!


i assume if patrick leaves, ellen will. she's suggested she's sick of the show. at least if they leave they'll be able to give them a good ending, as oppposed to Izzie, whose character just...drifted off. considering shonda's always going on about how she believes in meredith and derek, i can't see how mer/der will continue without der. anyway, the heart of the show is meredith. at this point, they've invested too much in their relationship to start a new one now. it will seem fake


been watching since season 1, and dunno if i'd actually notice PD gone since there are so many other characters. but can't imagine grey's anatomy without EP's narration. show can't go on without her voice.


Plain and simple, when Patrick is done, I'm done. I have missed him on the show for the last two years and he is still on the show. They just didn't give him airtime and good storylines. What were they thinking??? They had plenty of opportunity to create great stories with him i.e. stepping down as Chief and Meredith's miscarriage and instead we got these ridiculous stories about characters we didn't even care about. I don't know how Patrick has stood it as along as he has and never complained in public. But this season, really--where did they get these writers. Shonda created a great show and just ruined it. But she really doesn't care. She's busy making new shows and being creative. We'll just see how that works. She should have paid attention to the great show she started with. I use to always look forward to my Grey's night, even when the recent episodes were terrible, I still watched because I always hoped it was going to get back on track. I will miss seeing Patrick every Thursday, really really miss him. He made my Thursdays. No one can replace him. I'll watch the DVD's, speed through all the crappy stuff, and watch him in whatever other things he does. But I won't be watching Grey's!!!!!


Even if he does leave the show, I'm still going to watch.
I love this show and no matter what cast change comes, I'm still always going to watch. In my eyes, it is worth if.
Also, it could be good for the show in more ways than one. Meredith and Derek could actually get an official happy ending without anymore drama. :)


This is a very sad day but at least PD is telling his fans now so we got time to brace ourselves for the emotional farewell. EP might as well confirm tomorrow she is going as well. Believe me i want this show to end on a high not a low, ABC cancel the show after next season as there is NO way it can continue without the main characters.
Also hopefully PD's publicist reads these post's and passes on all our love and boy you better do ALOT more movies now so we still get to see your mcdreamy face on screen.
Now my thoughts on how to end as someone else has said please please please Shonda NOOOOOOOOO death, divorce or anymore screw ups. The fans want a happy ending so please give it to us for once in your life.
Derek, Meredith and Zola need to leave together and baby in womb for New York. This could then all tie up into a movie which would then totally complete the whole story and we see them as a very happy family with new bubs in the movie and maybe Cristina, Alex and Bailey visiting them.
Shonda has said she wants to tell stories of each character so to tell Derek's story of what his life was back in NYC he goes back with Mer and they make the decision to move back there together, also remembering that Mer grew up in Boston which isn't that far away and she would be happy to go back east with the love of her life.
Also now that Oprah has gone in a few years time Ellen will have to do the reunion special hahaha.

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