Private Practice Sneak Peeks: "God Bless the Child"

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Tomorrow night on Private Practice, a second trip to the ER sparks concern for Betsey's welfare and prompts the doctors to launch an investigation into her foster family.

Meanwhile, Naomi makes a life changing decision for her family, Addison and Sam try to figure out where they stand, and a struggling Amelia slips away from sobriety.

Will she fall off the wagon? Could Betsey's life get any sadder? How will Addison and Sam leave things? Watch three sneak peeks from "God Bless the Child" below ...

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Betsy's being abused by the brother. He's jealous.


@Aries93 I think Betsy doesn't tell because she's afraid of losing yet another home. We have to remember that this kid has been abandoned in so many ways, first her mom died, then her dad died, then her aunt dropped her, then Vi couldn't keep her and now she has a home and parents and she's afraid of losing that, afraid of being dropped yet again.


@Aries93 You do know that the executive producer of the show is BETSY Beers right? That's probably where they got the name.


Video 1 - I find Betsey annoying. I especially find her name annoying. Betsey? Seriously? You have a child and you call her that? That child would get bullied so much that she probably got beaten up and that's how her collar bone broke. Betsey Wetsey is more like it. XD
Although, on a serious note; I feel sorry for Betsey, but I don't think it's abuse. If it were, she would have told Pete. She knows Pete and Pete would have dealed with it. I think Cooper is jumping the gun here, but one more night till we find out. Video 2 - FINALLY! A storyline for Amelia. It only took 20 episodes, but oh well. I think going back into her past is a good one. The whole drug and alcohol thing is a good card to play. I think she will relapse, but only so far. I'm glad she's made a good friend in Charlotte and that Charlotte has found someone she likes. Video 3 - BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Not that Addison and Sam are broken up, I don't wanna see any drama about them splitting up. Sam knows what she wants, if he cannot provide it, then he should let her go. Love hurts, but that's life. Addison wants a baby. Her life is not complete without a baby. If she wants and needs a baby, she should go for it! I seriously think she should try sperm donation. She only has so much of a chance and it's probably for the best till she knows what she wants and how to get it.


Video 1 - Poor Betsey indeed. As if the girl hasn't gone through enough in her life. That part when she said that both her parents died there was just horrible. It's good that they're bringing this story back and continuing it because it was an open end back in episode four. I think that Violet and Cooper will play a big role in this because Violet cares deeply for Betsey and Cooper would do anything to protect a child from abuse. I read somewhere that it was actually the "brother" in Betsey's family that was being violent to her. I don't know how true that is but it could be possible with his plead that Pete helps her. Video 2 - I love the dynamics between Amelia and Charlotte. I think it's interesting to see that Amelia's struggle with her sobriety could include her guilt over what happened to Dell. I think we're going to see her in a very vulnerable state in this episode and Charlotte will be there to show her support and care for her. I think the end of the episode could show her falling into old habits again. Video 3 - There's obviously still some tension and awkwardness between Sam and Addison. I don't really relate to the latter half of the clip but I guess that could be connected to the rest of the episode. It's good though that Sam brings up how the members of the practice all made that decision not to help Betsey. I think that's something they're going to struggle with during this episode. Video 3 -

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