Smallville Finale Scoop: The End of the Beginning...

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We didn’t want to just do an ending, we wanted to do a beginning... Unlike other shows, we know where the story goes, so it’s a hand-off to those other pieces of mythology, rather than just an ending. - Smallville producer Brian Peterson

In preparation for this Friday's series finale, Peterson and fellow producer Kelly Souders spoke to reporters yesterday about the "jampacked" two hours to come. What can we expect from the emotional episode?

Smallville Finale Scene

Among the teasers revealed:

  • "A very good scene with a door," says Peterson.
  • Will there be flashforwards? Pay attention to the first five minutes.
  • There will be "big twists" involving Lex Luthor.
  • Jonathan Kent's return will perfectly "bookend" the season.
  • Why should Chloe fans watch the full two hours? "There a jewel," says Souders.
  • As for Oliver? Preview Peterson: "He has a big heroic moment, a big arc, and some complications."

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Gaby ee

I can't belive we are just a few days away from the finale. At least I know the end will be fitting to such an amazing show.


I will miss this show...


Super excited for the finale! :D
The spoilers are great to know, but to me, not necessary. :p
No offence to TV Fanatic of course. :p
I wish they actually decided to extend this season out for at least 24-25 episodes instead of the original 22.

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