Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Let Go From Gossip Girl; Kaylee DeFer Promoted to Series Regular!

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Gossip Girl is parting ways with Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr.

In surprising news this morning, it's been confirmed by TV Line that the two actresses will not be returning as series regulars for the CW show’s upcoming fifth season.

Both may be back on a guest star basis at some point, according to reports, but the actresses portraying Jenny and Vanessa are not part of the core cast anymore.

Oh Yeah, There's V
The Vixen Returns

The "core five" of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford will all be back this fall, as will Kaylee DeFer as a series regular.

DeFer, who first appeared last month as Serena's cousin Charlie, and who made quite the impression in last night's episode, offers the producers a fresh face.

Momsen has hardly made secret her desire to focus more on her music career, while Szohr’s character has been given little to do this spring ... or pretty much ever.

In that sense, maybe it's not too surprising. What do you think of these Gossip Girl casting shakeups? Are you excited or sad to see them go? Sound off below.

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I have no worries. Charlie is more of a bitch than Jenny or Vanessa combined. But I'll miss them especially when they were really given chunky storylines but now they just don't seem to fit in the story. But I do hope they get back as guest stars.


no Dair in the season finale at all ? :((:(


Does somebody know how to make an online campaign similar to that one of Chuck in twitter??? we need to bring JENNY AND VANESSA back!!! hate them o love them, they used to make the show interesting, without focusing on chair!!!!!!!!!!!


But it all seriousness, this show should be named:
'The Van Der Woodsens, their two friends, with the addition of incest'.
Seriously. All they do is lip lock and have sex now. Blair and Nate are not related, but Blair will be soon if she and Chuck do eventually get married. And if Dan did get with cousin Charlie, than it would definitely be official. As for Nate, if he and Jenny somehow tied the knot some where in the future if she did return and there was a spark that were to reunite, that would be it. This show's main theme is officially incest.


I'm happy with this announcement. I feel like Jenny's stories coming to the Upper East Side are always the same. She comes, does something manipulative, and then regret going back because of the person she becomes. Frankly, I'm done with her character. As for Vanessa, never liked the character to begin with. Her scenes always seem so forced and she's never really been substantial to the stories she's involved in. I think her character is rather pathetic actually. What Charlie will be for this next season, who knows. But a girl with a mental problem always makes for a rather interesting story. I just hope they don't exaggerate it.


Omfg.... NO MORE VANESSA!! :) And Jenny was hardly there anyways...
I dont think I can handle an entire season with Charlie there all the time. She's a crazy bitch!


Oh, wait, CHARLIE is staying? She is one of the worst actresses ever, like watching a loaf of wonder bread try to emote. Why on earth would they keep her and not the delightful, hilarious person who played Juliet?


I've already forgotten they were ever here. Can't stand either one, really. Vanessa is marginally better than Jenny.

I am xoxo

i am more than happy~
tylor, take that to your face XXX


You just killed off my second favourite pairing - Nate/Jenny. guess i'll just have to hang round for dair. as for charlie i would rather see her get hit by a bus. as for V- thank god.

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