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Darn it I was hoping Charlie wouldn't stay that long. I won't miss Vanessa (except for the fact I can't diss her anymore lol). Feel bad for poor Jessica Szohr though, but she'll probably find another job. The characgter Jenny was getting really annoying and just bratty. I'm glad she's gone. I hope they decide to get rid of Charlie too!!!


Will miss Jenny!!! Was my favorite character on the show : (


Saw this coming...Even though Josh whats-his-name denied it. Poor Jessica Szhor hasn't been relevant on this show in a long, long time. Taylor Momsen hates that show. I think the turning point was when Tim Gunn attacked her.


nah, im very happy for this! Im glad that serena now has someone to put her in her place - even if it is only with dan. And by blood! Win! I couldnt stand jenny the entire time - nothing to do with momsen, just her whole character seemed irrelevant and tossed in. Vanessa, well, she was...snore. At least charlie's helped get dan out of the way in the figt for blair? Cmon louis!


Am I the only one who is thrilled about both of them leaving
I have always hated Jenny even b4 she went gothic barbie
And Vanessa...... Nuff said
I love charile it's the first time we get a crazy character without a plan for revenge....Shes just plain crazy
I like georgina and Juliet as guest stars or else they will get boring


no jenny
so there is no reason to watch it anymore


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Charlie's okay for a few episodes but seriously, series regular? I'm going to die... Aww Jenny is awesome!!! I miss her so much! Vanessa, eh I don't care about her. I have a bad feeling about next season.


I'm still disappointed that Jenny didn't return for the season finale.. And now this!? NO!!! I LOVED JENNY! BUT JENNY! COME ON! i hate it when they replace awsome original cast members.. -__- but still, the writers didn't have a lot of options, taylor is always on tour. she's human, she can't pursue her acting and signing job at the same time, espacially when she's on tour... As long as we can see her in at least 5 episodes next season, i'll be happy. But those 5 episodes better be awsome! As for vanessa, i don't really care. never have, never will.


It makes no sense at all why they would promote Charlie instead of Georgina, Juliet, or even Raina. Georgina and Juliet are both fan favorites. Charlie just stepped onto the show and it doesn't look like many like her, including myself.

I think this is a mistake.


"Awww now I'm disappointed cause I realized why I liked Nate in the first place.... I always wanted him to end up with Jenny!"

@GG=life agree!

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