The Mentalist Season Finale Shocker: There WILL Be Consequences!

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SPOILER ALERT: if you have not seen the season finale of The Mentalist, stop right now, go fire up the DVR and/or read our review of an incredible episode, with a truly shocking conclusion.

Okay? Ready? Then read what creator Bruno Heller had to say about how Patrick Jane's actions will impact season four:

"Patrick has just murdered a man in cold blood in front of hundreds of people and next season he will be tried in court. We won't dodge any issues. Patrick won't wake up and discover it was all a dream. There will be consequences."

Patrick Jane vs. Red John

Star Simon Baker also spoke to TV Guide about his character's violent, illegal, startling action, describing Jane's decision as follows:

"I think it was a brilliant choice to have the murder happen in such a public place. Bang! Bang! Bang! Then Jane's totally calm. People are running around in a panic. Jane just sits down and has his cup of tea. It's done. He's finally done what he needed to do. After this season, you're going to have the lead character on a network TV series being a cold-blooded, vengeance-killing murderer. That's heavy."

Read the full interview at TV Guide.

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will mentalist come back on ?


Don't forget - Jane was wearing a mic, the whole conversation with RJ was recorded. No jury would convict after hearing that.


It might have been Red John or it might have been another minion, but what most people are forgetting is that Red John had lots of friends in high places and O'Laughlin wasn't his inside man in the CBI; he was his inside man in the FBI. How is it that Red John knew to go to the mall? Obviously, the director of CBI called him after Jane told them where they were meeting. There was no other way that Red John could have known to be there or to follow Jane at that particular moment. Jane was concerned about Lisbon, he had to take a couple of deep breaths before he remembered the task at hand. It was a close call and his best friend almost died, but in the end, there was a bigger fish to catch and if he had let the opportunity pass then Hightower would have to stay in hiding. He does seem like a sociopath with his calm after shooting Red John, but the man did kill his wife and child and just tried to kill Lisbon. Also, the whole strawberries and cream thing clearly sent him over the edge and Red John was talking about changing his whole appearance and starting a whole new life WITH CHILDREN no less! He killed more than 14 people in gruesome ways and then had the audacity to just say sorry and then decide to start a new life. If he had walked out of that mall alive, no one would EVER catch him and if he had been captured before walking out, he would never come to justice because of his friends in high places. CANNOT WAIT TIL NEXT SEASON!!!


youstolemeaway um, the mentalist isn't teaching you anything. if you want to be taught lessons, watch lifetime. iunno why people are saying jane didn't feel anything when lisbon was shot, it was OBVIOUS he didn't. Jane might have a one track mind when it comes to red john, but he's not a sociopath. i'd imagine it wouldn't be that hard to convince a jury to let jane off, considering the gun, O'loughlin, and you know, the serial killer. i don't think lisbon would have THAT big problem with it, i mean, his accomplice did just shoot her. also, chief Inspector- no, most people watch for jane, and the chase of red john. they don't watch JUST for red john. iunno if it was red john; on one hand, i can't quite visualise how the story arc will go without red john, but on the other hand, he REALLY seemed like he was red john. so creepy!


This episode was a shocker but made sense when revisited. First of all, one can make a citizen's arrest in this state (just to allay doubts about Jane's being only a consultant). Mr Heller says that Jane will be brought to trial which is necessary to complete this event. Lisbon shot, Craig dead, and Bertam summarily dismissed happened too quickly for it to sink in, although Jane realized it very quickly and without any emotion concerning Lisbon's injuries, he asks her to use Craig's phone, this is how one can see his focused determination. Next season will bring a new set of events, as he is tried for murder. Delicious.


I agree with Esoteric too ! Come on ... that couldnt be Red John ! that was a pawn sent by RJ to test PJ and see if he'd really kill him when meeting him . There are many loose ends ... the poem , kristina , etc ... and the second season's finale portrayed Red John as a cold calm very meticulos and brilliant psycho . only a few seconds in ... you could see he's the real deal . This person wasnt Red John ! couldnt be as there would be no show without him , whats Patrick Jane to do ? catch pimps thiefs and drug dealers ? Come on ... Red John is way more important than Patrick Jane - He's the reason people watch this series . And the lines that deluded fake Red John had , tells us he's nowhere near as serious as the real RJ should be , plus you dont have to be a sound engineer to notest that the voice from the second season's finale is very different from the impersonation that this fake RJ gave us in the third season's finale .


Brilliant episode from start to finish. Excellent closure. I can easily go on from here without RJ...that storyline would have gotten silly if it went much further. If they try Jayne, though, we may be done would be unrealistic. According to LE lethal force policy, he wouldn't even be charged. He was facing an armed and dangerous suspect in a public place - a suspect who had just threatened him and had no intention of being apprehended.


HI!! I'm from Chile and I'm studying english, I watch the episodes online, the next day they are released. I can't understand how people upload the episodes so fast, any way.. I've became a huge fan of this show! Seriously!!!
And reading your comments, I agree with people who says it wasn't the real Red John, it can't be that easy! Besides, what happened in that scene when Lrouche (I don't know how to write that name) killed the bomb guy, (Gupta, I think) I also realized Lrouche's face was a little scared, I don't know, there was something strange, weird about it...
And I think Red John is after Hightower because she was suppose to be in jail for killing Tod Johnson, but Jane realized she wasn't the real killer and Jane helped her to scape. Am I right? I got confussed again xD I think I'm gonna watch that episode to understand why is Red John after Hightower..
You know what I gotta do to understand the episodes, I need to take notes of the important events xD I'm not a native speaker of English!!! So, sorry if I wrote something wrong !
ooh and.. does anyone think Jane have feelings for Lisbon?? :D


That seemed to be the real Red John. I think this for a few reasons. First, the fiance FBI agent had the guy in the mall's number in his most recent call list. Why would he be talking to anyone except Red John to status him. When Lisbon hit redial, it called the guy in the mall. When he answered,what a pompous response too. Not showing any emotion, he says something like, "you can't win em all." I still do not know why Hightower was being targeted though. I will say LaRoche killing Gupta and him being uncuffed and the looks LaRoche gave his men, did seem fishy though. Replay it and look at LaRoche as they get in the car with Gupta.


In the world of TV, there is always another day. Reality and human frailty are portrayed, but often not honestly. Jane killed the man who murdered his wife and child and many of his friends and aquaintances for his own intellectual satisfaction. RJ was a Manson. You expected another escape, a ruse or some other trick to keep RJ alive as antagonist for another year. That was unrealistic, Jane did what we read about everyday in the city papers, he killed a man he hated with good reason. In this case it was just. Sometimes it's not. That is life and that is death. TV is TV, the writers will find a new way to twist the emotions of the fans next year.

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