The Vampire Diaries Instant Reaction: Discuss "The Sun Also Rises"

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Another week, another stunning episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Tonight's installment marked the arrival of the full moon, Tyler's transformation, Elena preparing to face Klaus' wrath and events quickly spinning very much out of control.

It all served as a great lead-in to next week's season finale.

What did you think of the episode? Our official review will be live soon. In the meantime, sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum, leave comments, and vote in our poll.

UPDATE: Our Vampire Diaries review is live! Read it now!

Stoic Jer

What did you think of "The Sun Also Rises"?

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the Season Finale...... im Speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm simply just so shocked right now. Did I know there was a possiblity they'd kill off John? Yes, but I stall hated it so much, I love that man.
And Jenna.. oh poor Jenna. And poor Elana and Jeremy, they now really have no one left but each other, and that's though. The more I think about it, however, the more I think this story isn't over yet. Both David Anders and Sara Canning are listed to be in next week's episode, and since this IS The Vampire Diaries, I have a feeling they'll both be back, in one way or another. Tyler and Caroline were absolutely amazing btw. They have such a special connection and Tyler adores her so much and doesn't care she's a vampire. Matt is such a whimp, and the ONLY character who really should've died.


How epic was that? My jaw is on the floor!
Poor Alaric with Jenna and Elijah what a two face!!
Caroline and Tyler belong together.Bonnie was great.
the graveyard scene was so sad.
What will Damon do?

Maria lov2blov

I can't actually understand why everybody telling Damon has a beautiful and true feelings for Elena and nobody it telling that it was Stefan who wanted to sacrifice himself instead of Jenna to save Elena in emotional way too.I think he's adorable and perfect and also a brave man!he loves Elena with his whole heart and if Delena happens I do not know how Stefan gets over it!!!


I actually cried my eyes out the last 20 mins.. Most emotional on TVD.. The most b'ful... I was sad seeing Jenna Die.. Jon, I never liked him, but the letter he gave to Elena made me cry even more... I'm sad for Jeremy and Elena, both have lost too much.. and as For Elijah and Klaus, I wanna see both of them die ...


That was the most emotional episode of both the seasons. I cried so much! Whats worse is that the director has said that they will be more deaths in the last episode. They already killed half of the characters off - who are they going to kill next? The show will become dysfunctional if they do kill more people. And i vigorously hope that they find a cure for Damon and he survives because it definetly wont be the same without him and I think the viewing rate would also drop. I can't believe Elijah didn't kill Klaus when they go the chance. As if he would even believe what Klaus said!? That guy probably has milliniums to back him up in which he would have attained some preety good lying skills. Could Elijah seriously be so naive!? And does he really think that cold hearted Klaus would spare him when he comes around? HELL NO! Most unfaithful man. Big dissapointment. I was really starting to like Elijah, but now I want him to pay for all the pain he caused Elena. She didn't ask for any of it. She doesn't deserve it. I feel so so sorry for her and my heart goes out to both her and Jeremy. If this was to happen in real life, I am quite confident I won't be as storng as they both are. Oh yeah, Bonnie was awesome! Highlight of the episode. I want Katherine dead too. In a way, all this has happened because of her. Overall, best episode so far. VD is never going to be the same again; that's a given.


This was, in many ways the most emotional episode aired so far, on TVD. For the most part, I was speechless and crying, but I couldn’t help commenting on the following: 1.No matter how much our siblings squabble with us, we love them and trust them. Siblings are for keeps—always. The-end-of-episode scene between Stefan and Damon exemplified the love-hate relationship we all share with our siblings. Earlier in the episode, Damon punched the wall in anger, when he heard that Stefan was offering himself, to save Jenna. Stefan too, on his part, admits (in a different scene) that no matter how hard he tried, he could never bring himself to kill his brother. Stefan is left devastated when he sees his brother literally ‘walk into the sunset’, his black silhouette casting deathly shadows behind him, as he walks away through the graves, and this part of the scene, obviously reflects Damon’s present mental condition (he has almost given up on the hope of living). 2.Love is painful, love is sad... I am quite a bit of a sucker for the old-world view that a woman needs a man to protect her and love her all her life. Until she grows up it is the father who does that (and to some extent, the brother). When she is older, it is the boyfriend/lover, and when she is married, it is the husband, who takes over that role. The graveyard scene alludes to that. Elena read John’s letter, wherein he wrote, “I don’t ask for your forgiveness, or for you to forget. I only ask for you to believe this. Whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same, as I have always loved you, and I always will�. The last sentence, in particular, was what Damon was trying to convey to Elena, as he crossed over to face her, in the graveyard. His eyes convey the message to the woman he loves, without actually having to verbalise it. I don’t care if Stefan has Elena right now (and I don’t hate him for it), because I know that it is this silent, simmering love between Damon and Elena, which is the kind of thing we all live for and hope to have, in our lifetime. 3.In the end, it doesn’t even matter.... We all hated John, and we all wanted him dead, at some point or the other. But when he did, he saved his only child, in the process. By magically tying his soul and life force to Elena’s, he gave to his daughter, the best parting gift—her life. He was a bad father, no doubt (and he admits that too). But, his supreme sacrifice should wipe away all hate. Here is hoping that Elena will make a good mother, and undo all the mistakes her father made with her.

Bobbie whited

To answer a question on here I am pretty sure both John and Jenna are dead. Clues to this is that Elena had for roses with her 2 for john and Jenna another two for her parents. Also if they were alive why wouldn't they be with Elena. Now im not saying that they will never ever come back but as of now they are dead. Also Jenna died a vampire and John just killed over, so not telling others that they died is probably a smart move considering what the sheriff knows now.

Bobbie whited

Fist of new either Jenna or John was going in this episode but I didn't expect both. I felt tears welling up during the end i hate seeing them both go. For Elijah to just run off with Clause even if it was for his family was just stupid. Clause has no reason to keep his word and who know what kind of power a hybrid has. He could just kill Elijah or rip him apart at least. I also think the writers are just going to kill off all the parents. I mean Tyler's dad, John, Isobel, and Jenna. Im guessing Caroline will be next to lose a parent. Im also guessing if Damon does die in the next episode he might brought back as a human next season. They did make him human in the books(not that their following that in anyway) so i kinda see it going in that direction.

Gaby ee

Best. Episode. Ever!!! "GG's writers should take notes from these two geniuses..."
LOL @LuckyBastarda you just made my day :D


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