The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "As I Lay Dying"

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Fans are still talking about the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. And for good reason.

Below, TVF Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined by senior staff members Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger for an in-depth Q&A discussion of "As I Lay Dying." As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


By turning himself over to Klaus, Stefan acted... Nobly? Stupidly? Desperately? Other?
Matt: Selfishly. He was acting out of guilt, which was sadly ironic because Damon admitted to Elena that he didn't blame Stefan for turning him. But Stefan only made such a drastic decision because his conscience was weighing on him. As a result, numerous innocent people may now die.

Steve: Nobly. In the abstract, perhaps saving Damon and inflicting far greater torment on humanity at large wasn't a good trade-off. But in Stefan's mind all that mattered was his brother. Save him first, suffer with the consequences later. Gotta give him credit for that.

Eric: Desperately. We've all made rash decisions in haste, haven't we? Granted, most of the time they don't result in blood sucking, life taking and girlfriend abandoning. But I once felt pressured at a supermarket check-out line and bought the wrong kind of gum.


Elena kissed Damon because she.... Felt bad for him? Wanted him to be quiet? Loves him? Other?
Matt: She loves him. But is she in love with him? That's the question that may never get answered. Elena, and viewers, may need to study Damon without his shirt on a few more times to figure it out.

Steve: All or none of the above? The ambiguity of that moment, and their complicated relationship in general, make this question infinitely debatable and delightfully open-ended.

Eric: Pitied him. Damon actually killed Rose in a similar situation, remember. Emotions run high and people take pity on those suffering in any death bed scenario.

Your reaction upon seeing Anna and Vicki was... WTH?!? I've missed them! They must just be visions. What about Lexie?!? Other?
Matt: I literally laughed out loud because it was so ridiculous... and awesome! It would have been enough for the season to have ended on Stefan's bloody, intense face. But this is The Vampire Diaries. There's always another twist you never, ever, ever see coming.

Steve: WTH?!? What a great way to finish the season. Delena's kiss and/or Stefan devouring that girl would have been amazing endings, but neither came out of nowhere quite like Jeremy's new "power." He sees the dead now? Will they torment him? Make him avenge their deaths? Where was Jenna? So many fun questions ...

Eric: No offense, Lexie, but I wondered about Jeremy's parents. Will he see them next season? Will they somehow come back to life? How awesome would that possibility be?!? 

Is Elijah actually dead this time?
Matt: Yeah, right. And Katherine is really gone.

Steve: Sure he is. But when all you have to do to bring him back is pull out the dagger, eventually, someone will probably do so a third time.

Eric: No way. We're looking at the Season of the Originals, right? And he's an Original, no? Case closed.

Will we see Katherine again?
Matt: Yeah, right. And Elijah is really dead.

Steve: No way. This was a close one! Too close. She can't risk running into Klaus by showing her face in Mystic Falls. She'll enroll in a vampire witness protection program and never be heard from again.

Eric: I hope so. My one beef with season two was that the show lost direction with Katherine. If we track back all her storylines and manipulations, would there even be a straight path? Why did she come back again? What did she actually want? The major nemesis a season and a half became pretty useless in the long run/big picture.

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Tyluv--have you read the books? Because it is most def not always Stelena. Just an FYI. Elena does love Damon...a lot.


OK. Its time to set the record straight.i didnt want it to have to come tO this but it seems iwill have to hurt someones feelings. Stelena are endgame! Now i am not A delena nor a stelena. I ship no couple on this show. What i am is a logical person. And logic tells me that no matter how much she loves damon, she will always chose stefan in the end. I agree that delena has chemistry that even stelena cant fathom or have. But wat i also agree with the fact that elena loves damon but will never love him the way she loves stefan. That sort of affection she has with stefan will never register to any relationship she WILL have with damon now and/or in the near future. Delena chemistry is crazy and those two being together is inevitable. there is no stopping it. what isnt stopable is stelena and their love for one another, its strong and knows no bounds and will ALWAYS bring them back Send me your thoughts and i shall prove Them wrong.


1. Stefan might have thought he was being noble, but i thought he did it because regardless of the love triangle between him, Damon, and Elena, he loves his brother and can not picture his life without him being there. also he probably assumes Damon will help him get away from Clause...
2. Elena and Damons' kiss...well this one is a bit more based on your opinion. We will not know the real reason behind it until the new season begins. therefore my opinion is, she loves Damon and was and probably is still too scared to do anything about it because she loves Stefan as well. We should all know Elena does not do things out of pity, she always has a reason for the things she does even if she would not like to admit it.
3. Jeremy seeing the ghost of his past 2 girlfreinds was very interesting since it was a girlfriend that brought him back to life. I did love that ending and was also angry because it left us guessing. The ghosts of the witches did warn Bonnie that there will be consequences to saving Jeremy, so maybe his consequence is seeing everyone who was hurt by vampires, which i'm curious to know is he one now....remember Caroline gave him her blood as he was dying, so what really brought him back, bonnie or the vampire blood?
4. Elijah is dead for now, however, i thinking Damon and Elena might go looking for him to help save Stefan and therefore bring him back by removing the knife.
5. Katherine, I don't think she will return to Mystic Falls without Stefan. After all that is one of her main reasons for returning, she wanted him back. Now with Stefan returning to his original ways, Katherine will stay with him and Clause in order to probably win him back and work together on how they can possibly kill him and be together...which in turn will leave Elena and Damon to get closer and possibly wind up together...and lets face Damon is more fun, i think he and Elena will b good together. Mariann

Gaby ee

1) Noble. As I saw it, Stefan was doing everything in his power to save his brother, not because of his guilt, but because Damon is his brother and he loves him.
2) Elena kissed him because she loves him. She has always been struggling with her feelings for Damon, but at that moment she finally realized that she indeed has feelings for him.
3) WTH. I totally didn't see that one coming.
4-5) Of course both will be back!

Bobbie whited

I think Stefan saved his brother out of love. Think about before Katherine before being turned the two were best friends and the bond between the too run deep. Even when Damon and Stefan hated each other they would still risk their life's for one another. As for Kathrine i hope she comes so some one can beat the shit out of her. Nina is such a great actress, i love Elena but every time i see Kathrine i want to pull out her hair.


So someone actually thinks acting on feelings of guilt is noble?!! Really. Wow yea and Stefan isn't an idiot, he was just gonna run to Klaus and walk back to his girl that very night?!! How stupid and simple would that make his character. One thing Stefan isn't is stupid. In the back of his mind he wanted this to happen, you could see it written all over him after the blood and after he killed the chick. Stefan was always the bad one, only more recently has he tried the goody boy role. It will be great tv though when his secret obsession w/ the bad side costs him the girl in the end. Say what you want bout Damon, he would have never thrown Elena away. His vice is loving a woman so much it consumes him. Elena will realize she loves Damon and realize the man she thought she loved was never real. Stefan was a mirage in the desert, something she thought was real. To me season 3 is the end of stelena. They may briefly reunite at some point but in reality we will always remember the death of stelena really started right now.


I thought stefan acted selfishly desperate. He is always puttin up this fake saint act, I'm glad he returned to the dark side cuz he's always been the bad brother. Kat will be back and will hopefully mess around with Elijah and Stefan!!! Elena didn't realize her true feelings of luv for Damon until she kissed him. The actress let it be known after the kiss that she couldn't hide her feelings even from herself anymore. Its obvious where tvd is going anyone who sais she did it for a dying man only and not for selfish reasons is a stelena fangirl. Lol

Amy jackey

By turning himself over to Klaus, Stefan acted... Nobly and Desperately. Elena kissed Damon because she.... Felt bad for him or thought he was going to die and she would never see him ever again. Your reaction upon seeing Anna and Vicki was... WTF?!? What about Lexie!? Is Elijah actually dead this time? No way Will we see Katherine again? i dont think we have seen the last of her


Sooooo agree with the kiss being about unrealised love. I think Stefans actions were mostly selfish. Stefan knew what would happen and the look in his eyes when he downed the blood packets and killed that girl...Remember as humans it was Damon that was innocent and sweet, not his brother. I feel Stefan is in a way very deceitful because he isn't this cookie cutter vampire. Atleast Damon is straight up and would never have abandoned Elena. Damons love for Elena is amazing. Seriously, great tv!


1. Stefan
noble. it was completely out of guilt but still not many would give up everthing inc. the girl he loved for his bro... it was a very rash decision which he will major regret when he returns in a while to find the brother he saved and the girl he abandoned madly in love. cant wait! 2. Delena
she is in love with him but doesnt fully realise it. the look of guilt when Katherine came in, that wa sthe look of a girl caught cheating. Katherine was right though she loves them both 3. Jeremy
i wont lie, as soon as he was taken back from death knew he'd be able to see dead people. this theory grew as he was googling brought back to live and obv when he was hearing noises. but i was expecting jeanna. completely forgot about vicky, & I LOVE ANNA 4.Elijah
will be back for flash backs & will eventually make his return but not for a long time, defo not in the 1st half of season, perhaps mid-season break 5. Katherine
Of course but she'll give it a while to cool off. she'll be back though and a lot sooner than Elijah will be

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