Castle Season 4 Premiere to Be Titled...

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Castle returns with new episodes on Monday, September 19, and we can now confirm a few facts about the season four premiere:

  • It will be titled "Rise."
  • It will be written by creator Andrew Marlowe.
  • It will feature a fight between two characters in the first few minutes.
Rick Castle Close-Up

The fourth season will follow up on a number of storylines left on a cliff from the season three finale, among them: What will the new captain be like?

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castle es la mejor serie policiaca que ha habido hasta el momento, una historia fascinante, que hace que los tele vientes estemos pendiente de lo que ocurre, felicitaciones a tos actores y actrices.
esperaremos can ansias la cuarta temporada


It is def btween Josh and castle can't wait til sept 19!!!


I hope the fight is between josh and castle but i wonder whats gonna happen now tht castle told beckett he loves her? do you think she even heard him say it or remembers it???


I wanna see that Beckett works again with Castle And that bloddy josh out of her life


I. Can't. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, wetpaint just confimed that the fight will be between castle and josh.........


i want to see beckett and castle be working together not as friend but as lover and with some passionate and romantic scenes.
i also want to know when castle season 4 is going to be completed and when will it be aired on tv


WOW OMG . . . DMB versus WB . . . well . . . go Writer Boy kick DMB's arse & send him off into the sunset on a slow boat to anywhere! Sounds like Rick's gonna finally take a stand of the heart which no doubt causes the fisticuffs? There's no upside for the show to him losing the fight that I can see so he MUST win . . . double-YAY!


Maybe the "fight" will be between Alexis and Rick. She wants to go to Stanford and probably got a letter confirming her early entry. Also remember, a typical Castle "fight" is not dark and twisty like a normal one. As for DMB, can't see any surgical outfit allowing a partner (DMB) to operate on the person's partner (Kate). Personally the sooner DMB f**ks off the better.


As long as she remembers. i am fine with anything. I was not at all upset about the finale. I was quite happy with it because they talked, and he said he loves her. All awesome in my book. I have complete trust in the creator and writers to do this right


Can't wait for this new season. I have a feeling that Dr. Josh Davidson will operate on Kate, and that might create tensions with Castle. And thus making them the two people who are fighting, I just hope Kate is alive and that she remembers that Castle said I love you.

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Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I would walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.