Covert Affairs Spoilers: The Truth About Auggie

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Set your DVR, Covert Affairs fans. You really do not want to miss the July 19 episode of this USA hit.

Christoper Gorham has teased the upcoming installment to Entertainment Weekly, telling the publication that we'll see his character of Auggie "out of the office" that week. Way out of the office.

Auggie and Annie Photo

"He’s on vacation in Istanbul for this big international jazz festival, and we end up doing flashbacks to Iraq before he lost his sight," Gorham says. "We have the big reveal - finally the truth about how he lost his sight. There’s some romance in that episode for him as well. It’s a great episode.” 

It's safe to assume we speak for all Covert Affairs viewers when we say: YES! The more Auggie the better.

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By the way---I Loved Alias too--can't we do something to bring it bacK? OK--I know we can't, but man--that was the mother of action shows! Does anyone besides me love BONES? BURN NOTICE?


i really want some Annie and Auggie scenes and romance, but i actually cant wait for this episode, how he loses his sight this will be interesting and really good..


I bet the CIA did it so they felt guilty and let him Join them

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Is this about me hooking up with my taekwando instruction? Because I checked, and that's not against the rules.


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Annie: It rocked.