Game of Thrones Season Finale Review: Direwolves, Nudity and More!

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If there was any doubt at the end of "Baelor" let there be none now: Ned is dead. His head, under the blood-covered sword, left no doubt.

Somehow, within a very short period of time, the entire Stark family knew of Ned's murder. Sansa fainted as she watched, Arya became a boy - and all over Westeros, the other children grieved.

Tywin Lannister Pic

Oh, Joffrey. If and when you have your comeuppance, it will be remembered as one of the most glorious moments on television. The dude has lost his mind. He walked Sansa out to see the heads of her father and her nanny as if he were showing her flowers in a garden.

And when he refused to strike her because of his mother's words, he had a man strike her for him. He's such a lovely husband-to-be. And yet I wouldn't fear him for a fleeting second. He is the worst kind of coward, the kind Ned warned Bran about in the first episode. If you give the punishment, have the integrity to carry it out yourself.

It would seem that Sansa will be made to suffer more every day for her role in this Game of Thrones.

Elsewhere, Robb was proclaimed King of the North, and, as such, was awarded fealty by his men just as he was suggesting they back Stannis, the true heir to the throne. It was in an intense moment, and must have been easy to get caught up in the reverie.

However, is it truly the best move for Robb or the Starks? There is the promise of intense battle ahead as many toss their daggers into the fight as heirs to a throne.

Who knew it was possible to catch Tyrion off guard? Being asked to act as the Hand of the King and rule in Tywin's place did just that. His father made it certain he was not to take his whore to King's Landing. I can only hope that his arrival there will put that snot into his place.

I need, badly, too see him whine, snivel and shrink at the sight of his impish uncle sent to manage the throne in his place. Something tells me even Cersei will be happy to see her brother, as she has lost all control over the new, bratty King.

As Jon rode off with Ghost to stand by Robb, his Night's Watch brothers rode after him to save him from breaking his vow. From the first weeks at the Wall, it seemed he may never make friends, and now they all look after each other as if born from the same mother. I really look forward to their growing relationships in season two.

Dany lost everything. Her baby was born (if the description was a true indication) a dragon, and the sorceress responsible not only for the Drogo's runaway infection, but also the loss of his son (as part of the magic in return for his life) that left him in a catatonic state said the skin fell from the baby and she somehow put it out of its misery.

Did Dany truly give birth to a dragon? She did take it upon herself to remove Drogo from the earth rather than allow him to suffer his fate.

This series of events seemed to give Dany as the Khaleesi a complete new courage and strength. It was so well done to see her walk into the pyre, just as the sorceress was screaming in agony to have her come out of the ashes with her three small dragons, unharmed.

She was the last dragon, and now the mother of three new to this earth. Totally freaky and extremely exciting to imagine what this will bring next season.

"Fire and Blood" had so many moments to discuss. I'll leave you with these thoughts:

  • I loved that the Commander of the Night's Watch wants Jon Snow and Ghost to ride with the men north of the wall. He knows what a value Ghost has become and it can't help but make me smile.
  • Tyrion is definitely in love. And it seems Shae shares his feelings. Awwww. Hope it doesn't calm him down.
  • Even all battle torn and bloodied Jaime still made a crass pass at Catelyn. Got him a rock bashed in the head is all that did!
  • Catelyn didn't even cry about Ned. It seemed there should have been more of a scene for her to realize he was gone.
  • I'm sorry, but I cannot keep up with all the names of all the old farts running around. Who had his way with Roz, then proceeded to do squats in his nightie and, finally, hunch himself over and look decrepit on his way back out into public? Guess we need to keep an eye on that guy!
  • Two direwolves and lots of nudity to round out the season. Whew!

All in all, a perfect ending for a near perfect inaugural season of Game of Thrones. What did you think?


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    Really good recap. You touched upon my faves. Joffrey's a sadistic prig, Dany and the dragon hatchlings, Jamie getting headbashed, any scene with Peter Dinklage, (I'm forgiving of his wayward accent.) And btw, is Cersei getting it on with her younger brother now that Jamie's out of the picture?! Ew! However, I'm still reeling from the fact that Boromir, I mean Ned Stark is dead!


    Roy - You won't be disappointed. No spoilers, but the rest of the series is very much like the first book where the supernatural is concerned. It is present but it is very much on the periphery. It won't go all True Blood on you and introduce a new fairy tale creature every season to keep things going...


    I'm most interested for Arya and Danys storyline next season, And maybe Sansa. I hope Arya leads an army of slaves against kings landing! Who would know all the secret passages better than the pickpockets?


    Not sure we can wait 10 months. With shooting beginning on 26 July for season Two maybe they could begin on HBO in December. This is the best series on HBO since the Soprano's. The writers are far and away more gifted than any others on Television. Does anybody know How much per episode this cost to make? Has to more than any others series ever for Television.


    Even if you don't want to read all the books yet, you are safe reading book one, A Game of Thrones, as the HBO series only covered this book. The books are rich with detail and include family trees and maps that definitely help with figuring things out :)


    What an amazing ending for what has been an equally amazing series. Dany is my favorite character and I couldn't wait to see her emerging from the ashes unharmed with her three dragons. For those who don't like dragons,witchcraft and particularly necromancy this would be a good time to quit watching the show.


    Alan Seeger, of course Pycelle is "GRAND" maester. Informally, he is known simply as Maester Pycelle. Seriously, don't be THAT guy.


    Very much enjoyed the first season. Did not read the books. It is the rich characterizations of the TV show that makes the series so compelling. If next year it turns into dragons and witchcraft from the east and zombies and werewolves from the north, I am out.


    Seriously waiting for the next 10 months is gonna be a pain in the ass. Anyways true blood returns next week!!!!


    The Starks learned of Ned's death by a message sent via raven. Pycelle is a GRAND Maester, thank you very much. But pretending to be blind and infirm -- that sly dog!

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