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Ned's dismembered head is raised above a roused audience.

Rickon and Bran dream of Ned, and go to his spot in the tombs, knowing fully well he no more.

Joffrey is stark raving mad. Incapable of any human emotion whatsoever. His prancing around leaves the viewers incrediulous.

Tywin sends Tyrion to act in his stead as Hand of the King and to bring together both Cersei and Joffrey whether they like it or not.

Dany has lost her child, what was apparently a dragon, to keep Khal Drogo alive. He is alive, but in what appears a catatonic state.

Jon almost makes his escape from the wall, but his friend's brought him back. The commander wants Jon and Ghost with them as they go beyond the wall. There is no longer any doubt of Jon's value to the Watch.

Arya is now a boy, who will have to fight hard against others to keep the secret of her identity and stay alive.

Dany joined her Khal in his funeral pyre and awoke the next day, alive, unharmed and with the three hatched dragon's from the eggs she burned with Drogo alive and treating her as their mother.


Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

As soon as you've had your blood I'll put a son in you. Mother says that shouldn't be long.


Tell me, which do you favor, your fingers or your tongue?