Gossip Girl Season 4 DVD Coming August 23

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High Society and Low Blows Hit the Streets August 23!

Between Blair and Serena's summer in Paris, Chuck's new identity, Dan's paternity scandal, a power play for Bass Industries, B's internship at W, a vicious conspiracy to destroy S, Dair's unexpected romance, J's exit and a royal engagement, Season 4 had a lot going on.

With lies and betrayals at every turn, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Dan struggle to "keep their friends close and their frenemies closer." It can be yours for $59.98!

Hot Gossip Girl Cast Picture

The DVD set contains:

What do you think? Will you be ordering it?

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    Absolutely - but mainly because after Season1, stupid iTunes doesn't post the gag reels and other extras you get on the DVD sets themselves. Incredibly annoying.


    @ Chairshipper I never noticed where Jenny's left hand was! That is WAY pervy!


    Even though I have S1-3 on DVD I am not sure if I am going to buy this one. I already know that I won't rewatch it anyways. Plus, 60$, seriously?!


    @TFV168 It's not the head in the lap that caught my eye, but WHAT is she doing with her hand? That'd look suspect with any guy but it's downright pervy 'cos it's her brother. I'm passing on the DVDs. I bought seasons 1 and 2, but am now waiting to see if the series has a happy ending for Chair. If so, I'll spring for the inevitable box set when the series ends. If not, then hey... the end of season 2 works for me.


    Seems like some money were missing for Nathaniel haircut, Blair and Serena dresses made of.. curtains ?!


    I'll be buying season 4 for sure but not for $60.00(wtf). I'll wait for a target sale. I paid $16.99 for season 3 and $12.99 for season 2.


    Will defo be buying to add to my collection. Always love the gag reel :)
    Just wondering why I can buy it on the 15th august (uk region 2, on amazon) but it goes on sale in us on the 23rd? They did this last year too. Tvd comes out on the 22nd in the uk - when is it out in the us?


    Ugh no blu ray? :(
    I'm forward to gag reel tho!!


    lo nates face in that pic:P and i miss the chuck who used to make all those pervey comments u cant help but laugh at:(


    @Marissa: totally agree!!
    @purpleheadband: totally the same here!!
    I'm buying it the first week it comes @ Target cuz it's cheaper!!