Grey's Anatomy Without Patrick Dempsey: Would You Watch?

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The contracts of the original Grey's Anatomy cast will expire after the end of the upcoming eighth season, meaning May 2012 could be the end for them.

They could all sign new deals, of course, but Patrick Dempsey recently indicated that - at least as things stand at this moment - he's not inclined to.

"It will be my last," Dempsey said in an interview with Vogue. "I do not know what's going to happen to the other characters but for me it's done."

Making a Big Move

Dempsey's rep later clarified the quote, but you can't help but wonder what the future holds for him, and whether Derek is an irreplaceable character.

The show will likely go on regardless as long as the fan base remains loyal and delivers decent ratings. But will his departure hurt that very cause?

It certainly wouldn't be the same, but the show also has a ton of characters in what has become an enormous ensemble cast, so you never know.

Tell us: Would you watch Grey's Anatomy sans Patrick?

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No I would watch it with out Patrick in it's the only t.v show I watch so no no no no no no no the others are not the same he is sexy and makes it look good, I tried watching him on transformers and it wasn't the same. Yes he was hot but wouldn't watch it again. It's greys anatomy all the way. : )




Hey, even if Mer leaves, it will ALWAYS be Meredith Grey's Anatomy. Lexie can't just "take that part" or something. It's still Merediths name EVEN if she's gone. #rememberthatone


I have watched this show from the start. I think I would still watch if there was no longer mer/der as long as the story lines were still strong. But I don't know???????????????


The show ends for me the minute MerDer step out. They literally launched the show together


it will be hard to have Greys without McDreamy or Mer, but if you think about it they are only about 10 mins on the show and that is if we are lucky! I will hate to see them leave but with the current mins they have I don't time it will affect the show if they are not on.


My hert sank when I started to read about PD leaving. I knew this was annnouncement was coming. EP seems to have been told to be more circumspect with her comments, but I'm not hopeful of her to wanting to carry on in GA either. Could I cope with Mer without Der? No. Do I want MerDer to be allowed a happy ending together? YES! I don't think we can assume that other cast members want to continue. Justin and Eric have previously said they'll stay to the end. I'm expecting the later additional actors added to the cast to stay . But they're not why I watch GA. It'll be intersting to see who the guest stars are, anc who'll Shonda will elevate to series regulars.


From the first scene of Meredith and Derek I got hooked on GA. I think Patrick gave away more than he should have by saying he wasn't interested in staying. When TR and KH were rumoured to be unhappy and asking to leave t kinda tarnished S5. My heart sank when I read about EP and PD leaving GA. I won't be watching after S8, GA without Merder won't be the same!


Mer and Der are the show but i would still watch if Der left as long as Mer stayed. She is the true core. the show is called "GREY's" anatomy, and Lexie is just bland for me. so Mer is the only Grey that can truly hold the show on her shoulders. besides, i kinda hated how Derek treated Mer in the Finale. he is always like this, he loves her but up to a point, it's not no matter what kinda love. he always attacks her if she does anything that he doesn't agree with medically. Remember the first clinical trial with the brain tumors. he blamed her! nobody freaking forced him but he still blamed her and said that he couldn't even look at her and then came after her only after the trial made him a star and then didn't even mention her name to the press. then he nearly broke up with her when she felt sorry for the guy on death row because she didn't agree with his way of treating that situation. then he manipulated her in to letting him rat out the chief so that he could become one(even though i do agree that sth had to be done about that, i just think it could have been handled differently).
he loves her but he loves being the star and his job more. she actually puts love and friendship higher. it was Adele for crying out loud and should have understood of all people! one thing is to be angry but the way he acted was low, he was actually pushing to get her fired!! she was willing to give her life for him with the shooter, after last season's finale i don't think he would have done the same.
i just want her to be happy but he he leaves and she stays, i will still watch. she is my people, i really like him and he is hot but the reason i liked him soooo much was because he made Mer happy.


Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo ARE the show together with Christina, Bailey, Alexa and the Chief. The rest are useless. Shonda really damaged the show when she brought Lexie, sent off Addie, eliminated George and Izzy. So, Yes, of course we definitely quit the show since we already did this from season 5


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