Hawaii Five-O Season 2 Spoilers: New Governor, New Team Member

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It was the only successful scripted new drama of the 2010-2011 season, but that doesn't mean Hawaii Five-O will be standing pat in the fall.

Producer Peter Lenkov tells Zap2It that his show will be adding two key new characters:

  1. A new Governor who is "sort of more realistic and is going to draw the line... he may give [the unit] jurisdiction, but maybe not the immunity and means they had last season."
  2. A new team member.
Fab Four Five-O

Lenkov also teases a new love interest for a character and a storyline for Kono "that starts at the beginning of the year, which we're excited about because it really gives her a lot of meat."

Hawaii Five-0 will start shooting its second season in early July - and will hop around various island this time around - before returning to Monday nights on CBS in September.

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Why has the new H-5-0 insulted our intelligence? Anyone who watched the original series knows that the original head was Steve McGarrett, former Navy officer as today's lead and who plays his son. Why did they show a grave w/the name John McGarrett on it and try to pass it office as the older McGarrett; why couldn't the current McGarrett be a junior following in his dad's footsteps? It is a shame that too many of the features and nuances of the original show have been cast aside or renamed w/o any regard for those of us who used to follow the old show w/delight!!!


I love Lauren German. They have a great chemistry with McGarett. The whole team is perfect too bad they had to remove Lauren..




i really lov this show alot am from trinidad and tobago alex is a sweet actor has a sweet smile gosh he hot **


I am in awe in viewing the comments on actress Lauren German. People should be allowed to share their feelings, but when comments are hurtful, they should be deleted. People are not thinking that these are real live people with feelings who are reading these comments. I feel she is a beautiful talented actress who should be brought back. I think she added a colorful story line with Steve and thought they had chemistry. I really miss their part and feel there is a void in the show as far as warmth. I am saddened by peoples lack of empathy in their expressing their views. This is still my number one action series but I feel it would be a lot more fun if the story lines extended a bit more with the Lori/Steve love interest. There is enough room for everyone.


I love this show so much, and I have the 1st season on dvd, can you send me an email when season 2 will be out on dvd, can't wait to get it, the buddy relationship between danno and mcgarrett is hilarious, and kono and chin ho are awesome too, the 4 of them make an awesome team, they don't need anyone else joining their team and his daughter grace is so cute and rachel and danno should stay together and raise their daughter, and mcgarrett's girlfriend katherine is pretty too they make a nice couple.


andsome action hero Steve.
Reply Dr C H Teng 7 minutes ago I am so very glad that Lauren German is gone. She has no talent, no face, nothing. She had been a negative factor for the show.
Dr. C H Teng less than a minute ago Ever since Lauren German joined the show, I lost most of my interest in it. I had been waiting for her 11 episodes to be completed so she could be gone for good. Then I was also worried sick that she might stay. Now that she is indeed gone for good, I am back to the show with full enthusiasm. Lauren German has no talent, no expression, no character but sign of arrogance. Compared with Grace Park, Lauren German was nothing but a spoiler in the show. Thank God she is gone. Hope she would go someplace else and never returns to Hawaii Five 0.


Despite bad reviews for Lori, I like her. I think she's doing great as part of the 5-0 team. I smell romance between her and mcgarette.


i luv kono and danny character. But y Lori there..i don't know y my feeling uneasy when she there in this season. but, still keep watching bcoz of kono and danny..fighting!!!!


I love Kono!!

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