Hawaii Five-O Season 2 Spoilers: New Governor, New Team Member

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It was the only successful scripted new drama of the 2010-2011 season, but that doesn't mean Hawaii Five-O will be standing pat in the fall.

Producer Peter Lenkov tells Zap2It that his show will be adding two key new characters:

  1. A new Governor who is "sort of more realistic and is going to draw the line... he may give [the unit] jurisdiction, but maybe not the immunity and means they had last season."
  2. A new team member.
Fab Four Five-O

Lenkov also teases a new love interest for a character and a storyline for Kono "that starts at the beginning of the year, which we're excited about because it really gives her a lot of meat."

Hawaii Five-0 will start shooting its second season in early July - and will hop around various island this time around - before returning to Monday nights on CBS in September.

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Aloha,,new hawaii five 0 shows total respect to the original 50 ,,I have probably seen every episode from the original at least twice,,same goes for the new 5 o I am stuck in texas for the time being so I love seeing my homeland of hawaii ,,, no ka oi ,, mahalo nui loa




does somebody know when the new season is on tv?


the movie is great. i can't wait to watch the next season.


What date I be lookin forward to it


Ithan that absolutly love the show!! I think McGarret will get exonerated maybe they will see where he got stunned. I think the defense attorney will argue that since McGarret is former special forces that he knows better than to hang around after murdering someone w/ the murder weapon in hand. Cant get more sloppy than that and it may work to McGarret's favor. As for Danny, I dont tbink he loves his job more than his exwife, I think Danny dont want to leave McGarret hanging.


More Kamakona Please!!!! The shave ice guy is hilarious and adds some great humor to the show.


Love the show!!!


Totally amazing series! Hawaii 5 o is the best! the acting the drama the stunts and the stories all brilliant!!!!! And Daniel Dae Kim is so sexy!!!!!!!!!


When is it back I just love it can't wait till 2nd series.

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