In Plain Sight Review: Daddy Issues Galore

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I watch In Plain Sight for several reasons, Mary's sarcastic wit being at the top of the list. This woman says the things I think, but rarely have the guts to say.

I'm drawn to the complex, caring relationships between all of these characters. I enjoy the life altering reality of WITSEC and, most of all, I love the subtext. "I'm a Liver Not a Fighter," the latest installment of this USA hit, was filled with subtext. 

Gordon Clapp on In Plain Sight

Family was the theme all around, specifically it' power to bind us together and tear us apart. 

The witness was a terminally ill man who wasn't a very good father in many ways, yet his first instinct was to protect his family when it counted. That meant something, even if the way he went about it didn't make sense to his loved ones.

That led to our WITSEC members thinking about their own families, which gave us great moments such as when Stan shared that his father made him run laps every morning with five pound ankles weights. Why? Because he'd done a tour in Korea and wanted to make sure if the enemy ever showed up that he could run. Twisted? Yes, but in his own way he meant well.

Marshall's response to that story was perfect. "The two of us, some serious Dad talk later. I'll bring the beer." Yeah, everyone's got family issues. We just don't always share them.

Of course, Mary's family never goes away. Brandi was feeling nostalgic about their father after she saw all of Peter's perfect family photos. Because Dad walked out leaving six-year old Mary and baby Brandi with a drunk for a mom, the Shannons were a little light on perfect family memories.

Then there's Mary's pregnancy. With the nausea, enlarged breast size, and increased need to pee, only Mary Shannon could still be in denial about her condition. Thankfully, Marshall's not about to let her hide there for long. 

I'm with you every day. If you're having a baby, trust me, we're having a baby. So true. Marshall's the steadiest influence in Mary's life and he's going to see her through this whether she likes it or not.

Mary's tentative plan was to "protect and relocate." The first part she's got down, or she will once she's under a doctor's care. The second, meaning adoption, she's not sure about. It's certainly an option, given her lack of maternal desire and her career. 

On the sarcasm meter of 1 to 10, this episode was a little light. I'll have to give it a 5, although the rest of the storyline made up for it. Sometimes, as much as I love it, a little sarcasm goes a long way.  But the best line of the night still went to Mary:

Mary: Look, we're stuck in 1985. Daddy can't deal with his gay son. All I need now are my acid wash jeans and a scrunchie. | permalink

If you were a child of the 1980s, that line had to make you laugh.

Mary's going to have to decide if she wants to be a full-time Mom. Watching her come to that conclusion, or a different one, should make for an interesting season, one filled with sarcastic wit and great subtext. I just know I'm going to enjoy the ride.


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Haha My favorite Mary line was when she told Marshall that he was treating her like a "Wounded Koala" It made me laugh because of randomness and also because I think she looked more like a panda with that black eye... lol...


I liked the part when she was all dramatic about opening the door. I laughed pretty hard haha.


Really? It's a hair, I figured someone would ask about the acid wash jeans first.


I know what acid wash jeans are but what are scrunchies?