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-Ben Kulpak laundered money for the Lithuanian mob and witnessed a murder. His relationship with his family is so poor that they decide to go into hiding and not follow him into WITSEC.

-Ben is in liver failure caused by acute cirrhosis. He's got six weeks to live without a transplant and doesn't want his family tested as donors.

-The mob tracks down his family and they have to enter WITSEC. His daughter is tested as a liver donor and finds out Ben isn't her biological father.

-Tom, his son, hesitates being tested because of their poor relationship. Ben never accepted that Tom is gay. Tom decides to give his father a second chance. He's a match and donates a portion of his liver to save his father.

-Brandi is upset that she only has a handful of people to invite to the wedding while Peter has hundreds. She asks Mary if she has a picture of their father for her video montage. Mary hesitates but then gives Brandi her one picture.

-Marshall pushes Mary to see a doctor about her pregnancy. She eventually visits an OBGYN.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Perfect is overrated. Put that in Latin and it's the Shannon family motto.


Brandi: Do you have any pictures of Dad?
Mary: I can dig up one of his wanted posters.