Josh Cooke to Assist Masuka on Dexter

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Josh Cooke is headed to Showtime.

The Better with You star will appear throughout season six of Dexter as Louis Greene, Miami Metro's new lab intern and a friend of Masuka’s. We can only assume he likes dirty jokes.

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Other season six guest stars will include: Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, Molly Parker, Aimee Garcia and Billy Brown.

They will all have to deal with a Dexter Morgan who is renewed, recharged and refocused.

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I think it is very important for Dexter to be able to let go of his dark peseangsr Not just for ratings, but because of the way the world is today.. and for what the world is becoming. For someone like Dexter to transform, free himself from his dark peseangsr, this would transform collective consciousness just enough to help out the terrible condition we are in today..I've heard you use Jungian terms on the show, so I think you understand what I mean when I say this, but Dexter is a large part of collective consciousness today and it would be a tremendous boon for humanity for Dexter to walk away from his shadow/self..I hope this is read by one of the writers who might seriously consider what I've written, and understand the implications..


@Matt Richenthal: Okay. Thank you. :)

Matt richenthal

@Aries93: It may be, but the season will begin in September regardless of when casting news comes out.
I can't wait, either.


Does this mean casting news is complete? I hope so. I really want Dexter to hurry up and begin! :D

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