Leverage Season Premiere Review: An Emotional Mountain to Climb

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After spending most of last season chasing Moreau what bigger challenges could the Leverage team could face this year? In "The Long Way Down Job," we got an answer: the feelings they've developed for each other.

Remember, the team memebers all used to work solo. Spending the last three years together, they've grown to trust, depend and even love each other; this is new ground for each of them. It's just as dangerous as the mountain on which they were working.

The Long Way Down Job Scene

I watched this episode with two other people and all three of us had tears in our eyes multiple times. It started when Parker showed frustration with Eliot when she wanted to do the right thing and bring Alan's body back.

She ached over how bad she wants to think of herself as a good guy. Then, you could see a glimpse of how scared she was that to think this might not be the case, as Eliot explained that they can do things the others cannot. That remorse alone tells me that you're not bad Parker, never fear!

Of course, another big emotional scene arrived when Nate and Karen Scott were in the tent. It's one of the few times that Nate has talked about what has motivated him and how he has been running on anger for years. Maybe this was the first time he admitted to himself that you will eventually get to a point where anger is not enough.

The icing on the emotional cake, though, was Parker grabbing and hugging Hardison when she got back. I'm hopeful that their banter about how this won't be normal is foreshadowing some fun things to come this season.  It would be nice to see some additional romantic humor with these two.

Emotional growth is hard in real life and even harder to portray in a TV show. Props to Beth Riesgraf, who has done such an amazing job of portraying Parker's growth. We have seen some glimpses from Hardison, Eliot and even Nate. I'm crossing my fingers that the writers continue to include as much heart and soul into future episodes as they did in this one.

If this episode is any indication of how good this season is gonna be, we're all in for a real treat! Although, I'm still shaking my fist at the TV for again teasing us with Sophie's real name and not telling us. Damn you, Dean Devlin, and your great recurring hook!


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My favorite teleplay, love it


I too get a little annoyed at people questioning Beth Riesgraf's (Parker) acting skills. It's true her character's facial expressions and reactions to certain situations don't vary a whole lot but, that's because of Parker's background. I figure it's a defense mechanism she's developed as a result of being socially awkward due to her isolated upbringing and her inability to fully trust others as well as the fact that she's emotionally still a child. She is certainly someone who doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeves yet for all that it is all the more poignant when she shows the slightest crack in her emotional armor. Somehow this latest episode agitated my allergies and had me rubbing my eyes more than usual. Well done!


We liked it, and we definitely don't watch it for its realism LOL The chemistry between the actors is what keeps us coming back. We've loved Gina Bellman since her Coupling days (a TERRIFIC Brit comedy, if you've never seen it), and are happy to see her do her thing here, as well.


I really liked this episode as well. I think it was more emotionally driven then previous episodes and I'm excited for them to start exploring this more as the season progresses. In the past it seemed like the only interaction between Parker and Eliot was in a sister/brother teasing sort of way and I'm glad they could have a serious scene together. To me, the acting and the entire episode was great. I think when people say that Parker isn't well acted, it's just an easy way of saying that they don't understand her and her problems with social situations. It's their misunderstandings, not the actor's.


Really? There are that many bitter people out there that they have to comment on a show they don't like. Whatever the blog, the odds are that haters will post more often than people who share a positive view. If you don't like an episode or the show in general, do us all a favor and bite your tongue. As for my wife and I, we love ALL the characters and the development they have shown over the seasons. Continue the great job Leverage Team! Here's looking forward to many more seasons to come. Aaron from Nevada


It was a fun premiere and I loved the Eliot/Parker scenes. I've always wanted those 2 together, not Hardison/Parker! So the ending disappointed me but I'll keep watching cuz it's Leverage and is always entertaining!!


Generally a huge fan of leverage, but this was a terrible episode. While never truly realistic, the plot of this one lacked any believability whatsoever. For some reason, it seems to take about half an hour to get halfway up the mountain, the experienced climber can't make it but the out of shape alcoholic with altitude poisoning can, and a search which closed the mountain for three months only couldn't find the guy, but Hardison finds the guy within half an hour with the secret formula: 2 beacon receivers instead of one. Hope emergency services take note and bring two the next time someone goes missing. Even beyond that, I was hoping for more between the characters. Is Sophie's real name really of that much interest to the viewers that they draw it out for well over a season?


Hi Catt, Evan, first I didn't say I was crying, just that we had a tear in our eye, as we found it touching. That being said, I always welcome all opinions, even if they are different than mine. I hope that your enjoyment of the show turns around this season. However, I will challenge you to rewatch the scene with Eliot and Parker after the rope snaps, and watch Parker closely. :)


I agree with Evan. To cry over this episode is ridiculous. It was so formulaic I couldn't even get through the whole thing and turned it off mid episode. The characters have become cliche and Parker can't act her way out of a paper bag, she always was my least favorite character because her acting never seems believable, natural or committed. Hopefully the season will improve.


The fact that you have anything close to tears in your eyes from this show is just hilarious considering how ridiculous it is. The episode itself was pretty bad in my opinion. But that's not shocking considering how bad season 3 was.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Pay enough they will carry you to the top, literally.


Nate: Ok, let's go steal a mountain.
Parker: Again.
Nate: What?
Parker: Yeah, we stole a mountain two years ago.