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The episode opened with a man recording a message to his wife during a mountain climb. The man, Alan Scott went missing and was presumed dead. The wife came to see Nate because she believes Alanís business partner had him killed to hide information that Alan had found about them foreclosing on houses they didn't even own.

Nate and the team meet up 6 months later as the climbing season for the mountain that Alan disappeared on is getting ready to open. Alanís wife told Nate that the only record still remaining of what Alan found would be in his PDA that he had on him when he disappeared.

Hardison worked out a way to track Alanís rescue beacon that should still be transmitting even now 6 months later, and given the snow climate, nobody else would have gotten to the body yet. Nate sends Parker and Eliot up the mountain to find Alanís body.

Alan's wife, Karen, showed up and even after Nate told her to just sit back and let them do their job she went up the mountain and Nate went after her.  While Nate did find Karen unconscious and was able to put oxygen on her before he himself passed out, Eliot and Parker fell through the snow and ice and found Alan's body. It appeared that he had fallen through the ice and broken his leg and couldn't get back out and froze to death.

Sophie increased her con on Alanís partner and began playing the German and Japanese investors who were at the base camp when she and Hardison figured out he was getting ready to sell the company.

Eliot and Parker were not able to get out with Alan's body, but he had recorded a message on his phone and they found his notebook. On the way down they found a Russian operative who held Parker at gun point and Eliot gave him the notebook which he burned.

As the Russian entered the base camp tent, a message from Alan Scott began playing. In the message he confirms that his partner John Drexel cut his rope and left him to die. The message was provided by Alan's cell phone that Parker slipped into the Russianís pocket.  Without any help from Hardison, Alan got justice on his murderer.

Included in the message was a short message to Karen, telling her he loved her and not to come looking for him, that he would be with her always. As the team was having dinner back at Nateís place Hardison found a bug. The bug was of a quality that someone ìwith gameî is coming after them.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Pay enough they will carry you to the top, literally.


Nate: Ok, let's go steal a mountain.
Parker: Again.
Nate: What?
Parker: Yeah, we stole a mountain two years ago.