Nurse Jackie Season 4 Scoop: More Kelly, Less O'Hara

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For the third consecutive season, Nurse Jackie bid farewell without any major consequences befalling its title character. It's been a frustrating trend for a show that seems content with the status quo.

But executive producer Liz Brixius objects to that assessment - "She lost her marriage. Her job's in jeopardy. She's compromised everybody around her." - and tells viewers to be on the lookout for how two relationships affect Jackie next year:

  1. Her friendship with O'Hara.
  2. Her connection with Kelly.
Friend or Enabler?

"O'Hara bought a townhouse and she probably bought it for a reason," Brixius tells TV Guide, hinting that another relationship may take her focus away from her friend's addiction. "There's not going to be less O'Hara, but there is going to be less availability of O'Hara to Jackie."

As for Kelly, who admitted to Jackie that he's not the saint he has pretended to be...

"I will tell you that you don't know everything there is to know about Kelly Slater. Jackie is not smarter than he is. All we know is that he has successfully pulled the wool over everybody's eyes... He's a chameleon. He's working it. No matter who he's talking to, he's working in it. He's always got an answer — and that makes him dangerous."

Read the full interview now at TV Guide and sound off: What did you think of the finale?

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So it's a long time ago now, but I'm still annoyed that Kelly disappeared after his revelation at the end of s3. Does anyone know what the reason was?


I love Nurse Jackie and this season is no different! Dr. Druze being Charlie's father, I didnt see that coming and I am usually good at that! I can't wait until next week!


I LOVE this show so much! I am just like broncobilly, I watch the seasons over & over. I just watched the first episode of season 4 & it was awesome! Can't wait for the whole season.
As far as Kelly goes, I said back in season 3 that "Kelly" probably isn't even his real name & there's going to be way bigger announcements with him than just the fact that he stole (steals) drugs...Guess I'll have to wait & see if my guesses are correct. This is such a brilliant show. I can't wait for the ride of season 4!!


My wife and I love the show. so much that we watch the first second and third seasons over and over again. can't wait for season four and what the writers have in store for all of us fans, Eddie loved you in soprano's but love you even more on nurse Jackie. thanks for the good work lady.


i laughed out loud when kelly made his confession. not just because it was such a shock, but also because it made so much sense. that's good writing! i was completely fooled. i'm very excited about season 4.


Yes Yes Yes I am impatiently waiting for season 4. New character, the plot thickens what is going to happen next? So very good.


This show has been my favorite.
Thanks for the great work. I can't wait to watch Season 4

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