Patrick Dempsey Wants a McDreamy Exit From Grey's Anatomy

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If and when Patrick Dempsey leaves Grey's Anatomy, he'd better ride into the sunset in style. That means a befitting exit for a character called McDreamy for a reason.

Dempsey's contract with the ABC medical drama is up after this upcoming season, and while nothing is set in stone, he's indicated that he may exit the series for good.

“We have another year to finish up, so yeah,” Patrick told Access Hollywood. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen with the show - I don’t think they do either.”

The Handsome Doc

If this is his swan song, Patrick, who's currently promoting Transformers: Dark of the Moon, hopes Derek’s departure includes a romantic exit with Meredith.

“I think they should go off in the sunset together, quite honestly,” he said. “I think they should maintain it, and he should leave as McDreamy as possible I think."

We don't think he'll find many fans objecting to that, even if there are many tears shed at the possibility of him leaving at all. If nothing else, he's got one great year left.

Would you watch Grey's Anatomy without Patrick?

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I'm gonna read between the blurred lines of communication, I think when everyone gets back to work on July 15 ABC will have new contracts for everyone ready to sign, it's then the actors choice to sign if they really want to. Also believe PD still loves doing GA he's even said he loves going back after production break and seeing everyone again, still get's emotional whenever someone mentions leaving in an interview that's not a person who wants to leave a show IMO.
If ABC can get them to sign and do at least 200 epi's i think the stories will rap and play out nicely. MerDerZola dreamhouse finally finished they have moved in, Mer also get's pregnant with biological mcdreamy, Lexi/Mark back together, Alex goes to Africa to be with Lucy, Mer/Alex reconcile as friends, Cristina becomes cardio goddess and wins Harper Avery, also has divorced Owen because of the kids issue, Bailey CoS, Richard retires unfortunately Adele dies and he starts drinking again, Owen and Teddy fall in love after diabetic dude dies from complications with his meds (overdose of insulin maybe) Have I forgetten anyone lol.
In other words PD, EP, SO, JC, CW, JP should all sign new contracts at least for a season 9 to tie up the loose ends then they can all ride off into the sunset.


Derek is a big part of GREY'S. (Meredith) Ellen Pompeo would have no choice but to leave the show if they are going to have a happy ending. They can't just ride off into the sunset and then the next day, Meredith show up for work like nothing the matter, because Derek isn't there. Ethier way people, were screwed, screwed. :/


Everyone says they wouldn't watch the show anymore? The reason that most people are on this website is because they are obsessed with Grey's. Sure, Meredith and Derek make the show, but I guarantee most of the people that say they would stop watching would in reality, not be able to stop. They would want to see what the show is like without MerDer. And, seriously, we love the show no matter what.


Don't get me wrong I love MerDer and I all of the characters, BUT if they had Derek get injured in a car accident and he either had to have a neurologist (Mer) or another cardio (Christina/Teddy) operation and then end up tragically dying I think that I would kind be okay with that as long a Mer stayed. because let's face it Patrick doesn't really want to do Grey's Anatomy anymore and we all saw this coming. I just hope that they don't take out the main Grey in GREY'S Anatomy, I understand that that's why they brought in lexi (Chyler) but I want Mer to stay, even if that means loosing MerDER.


I agree, Meredith, Derek and baby Zola should leave as in love, as a family and just move to another state, where Derek has been offered the job of a lifetime.
But I hope that Patrick and Ellen are offered new contracts and they accept, because, quite frankly even with all the other characters, they are the heart of the show,the meat and potatoes, and they were/are the begining of the show.

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