Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: What is the Jason Thing?

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We're just days away from the second season premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

What should fans expect from episodes that kick off on June 14? While a few clips have offered a bit of insight, creator Marlene King is here to walk viewers through the most significant developments ahead.

Hiding in the Bushes

Here is a rundown of what she told TV Guide:

What's the deal with Jason? During the premiere, Jenna and Garret will mention Alison's brother. "A lot of the summer season is built around what is the Jason thing, how are Jenna and Garrett involved and how does it involve the PLLs," King says. We'll soon meet Jason, played by Drew Van Acker.

More new characters. "Lucas sets his eyes on someone, and it's not Hanna, so that's a new person coming into Rosewood," King says. "There's also a great storyline with Hanna's mom and dad. Hanna's dad comes back because he's concerned that she's winding up on the front page of the Rosewood Observer.

As for Ezra and Aria... It will be "even harder" for these two with Ezra teaching someplace else, King teases. Aside from the already-previewed love triangle, Aria will also have a new suitor. Says King: "It's someone that you really don't expect it to be, someone you've met, but you're going to re-meet."

Background on Caleb: "We find out more about why he came to Rosewood, what he left behind and more about his birth mother," King says. We also meet Caleb's foster mother. Don't expect to like her.

Enough intrigue for you? Return to TV Fanatic the moment the season two premiere concludes for a detailed review!

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so does lucus like hannas step sister


I love pll!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I know Toby commits suicide and Jenna rapes Emily. And Garrett( the police officer)kills Hanna and Spencer, that is how the tv show ends.


i love pll.
but i already know who A, is.
and i know how it ends.


Theres stuff going on with Em too! Gosh give the gurl a break!


Buckle up cause its getting hot. I'll be watching. -A


OMG pretty little liars r awesome I just wish i know who A - was A -


OMG pretty little liars r awesome I just wish i know who A - was A -


Seriously, I cannot wait for the new season! Although, it bothers me that thy recast jason. Granted the "new" Jason looks more like Ali D's brother; though, he doesn't come close to holding the same mysterious "i'm acting like a victem so everyone doesn't know i'm hiding something" appeal as the Jason from season one.
Better luck casting next time ABC famiy!


my guess on the jason thing is that jenna is going to sue toby or something like that. thats why she doesnt want the videos shown to anyone and that jason must know ian was taping the girls and she doesnt want him to tell anyone


Im so excited i cant wait the show is so good nd i think ezra is freaking hot aria shuld take him bake so they can hav sex

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

You know, Emily, sometimes you poke the bear, and other times the bear pokes. *sigh* It's from a movie.


You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you're always better off with a really good lie.