Roxane Mesquida Cast as Louis' Sister (and Blair's New Nemesis) on Gossip Girl

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Roxane Mesquida will play Louis' sister on Gossip Girl in the upcoming fifth season of the CW drama. That will put her at odds with our heroine, Blair Waldorf.

Sources confirm to TV Line that the French actress/model is joining the cast as the meddling sibling of Blair’s regal fiance. The season begins September 26.

Short story? She's not happy with the engagement.

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Little is known about Mesquida’s character, but her brother’s impending royal wedding is not what she had in mind, and she's hell-bent on sabotaging it.

It's a recurring role, so expect this petulant princess to become a major player in the drama playing out in at least the first half of the coming season.

Thoughts on this character and story arc? Discuss ...


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Might I ask how everyone is CERTAIN the baby is Chair's? Could be Serena's... Xoxo


I've heard it's been confirmed that Louis's sister does break up the royal couple and Blair ends up back in Chuck's arms. I also heard it's Blair who's pregnant with Chuck's baby...NOT Louis's


and hello people, Blair's pregnant with Chuck's baby remember??? i wonder how they're gonna fill that in with season 5


Louis is very in love with Blair so I think that it is going to defend her from his sister
In addition if Blair could earn to the Queen also it will be possible win the sister of his boyfriend
Blair finally will be able to live through a fairy tale and to be very happy
And I hope that Chuck finds to a new love and is very happy
Blair together with Louis can live through a fairy tale and Chuck to the new love that it is going to find can live through a romantic comedy
I prefer the romantic comedies that the fairy tales!


Chuck doesn't need another woman to sleep with, he probably has countless phone numbers for that xD Eva: Too bad Blair went Queen Bitch on her
Raina: Had no chemistry whatsoever
Jenny: One night stand xD

Uncle jackass

If Chuck does indeed get together with Louis's sister in a romantic relationship then it would have to done delicately and well. From Season 4 there were many of Chuck's relationships that were close to being very dull (despite good acting): 1. Eva: (Posey was great but she wasn't going to last long against Blair's onslaught).
2. Raina: (For a second there I almost had a heart attack and thought that she was Chuck's half sister; given their similar personalities).


Blair agreed to be the wife of Louis so it has to support to Louis's family
The important thing is that it is going to happen with Chuck. Because Chuck did not have a happy ending and Chuck deserves to have someday a happy ending
I hope that Gossip Girl new season brings many good things for Chuck and that he finds a new love because it is deserved


@pty: :-( sigh. I hope Chuck and Blair still love each other in season 5. They've overcome so much together, I feel like they're soulmates. Maybe the writers can keep us guessing for awhile and in the end they can end up together. I know it's been done before but I think it could work one more time. Let their relationship go to pergutory so to speak and let fate decide what happens.


Waoooo! There are some vengeful women around here. I adore Chuck as much as the next but I'm the first one to admit that in the back and forth of hurt between Chuck and Blair he has done the most damage. Just because we adore Chuck and we found him handsome, sexy, charming, etc., we can't bury the head in the sand and pretend he didn't hurt her a lot, which is the reason why she is lashing out and said all those things at the end of season 4 btw. We make a disservice to the characters if we ignore their faults. And he needed to hear what she said to Russell on 4x22, in fact he needs to hear more, he doesn't know she heard him with Raina and even though I think it was a spur of the moment thing still his words hurt Blair. And that argument that he has matured is no reason to excuse his behaviour, we have only seen a glimpse of that and who knows what will happen on season 5, we can have a few set backs down the road in this maturity thing. This doesn't mean she hasn't hurt him but we can't pretend the damage he made wasn't worst. The idea is that they can overcome that and be together at the end because despite all the hurt they have never stopped loving each other ever since it started.


But yes, atleast there are plot twists.

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